Sony Patents Head Mounted Display For PS4

Virtual reality seems to be the next evolution of the games industry, with the likes of Steam and Oculus both putting money, time and research into perfecting the technology. Now it appears Sony are ready to enter that space too with a new patent turning up pointing to a VR device for the PS4.


The patent discusses the headset as a obstacle avoidance device, including a warning system should a person get too close to something. There’s also mention of the head mounted display creating virtual images on the screen within the visor.

This may be a little way off yet though, and developers will need a bit of time to get used to the kit before producing games for it, but it is possible we’ll see a Sony branded VR headset on the market within a few years. Wonder how much space will be required to use the headset and the cost, as I can’t imagine it being a cheap add on.

Source: US Patents Office va GAF



  1. Smh.

    • Suprised this stupid fanboy isnt banned yet

      • That’s a bit harsh. I don’t agree with Starman on some things but calling him a stupid fanboy is some way off.

  2. Interesting idea although when I was a bit younger I remember going to Trocadero arcade and watched another kid using a VR helmet and he had the biggest seizure I’ve ever seen so this kind of put me off quite a lot. Perhaps if it were used as an accessory in a form of Google-spex things and used as a separate HUD it could work though

  3. The camera on it should be used with the rumoured new Move controllers so you look down at your hands and see that youre carrying a sword.

  4. VR headset technology is cool but nothing i’ve seen looks like it would be comfortable to wear for extended sessions. I’m not going to get excited about VR until they figure out a way to beam the games directly to my brain.

  5. The oculus is actually a lot cheaper than I thought, and this is really exciting news imo! Having watched people playing iRacing with the oculus… it looks so good!

  6. Damn that’s ugly, looks like a medical examination device. Can’t we just use our tellies?

  7. If they can sell it for the same price as the Occulus Rift it might just catch on. After 2-3 years of PS4 people will want to buy a new toy for their living room.
    Plus, by then all the big companies will be releasing their 2nd game on the system, games much more optimized.

  8. VR has been ‘coming’ since it was first shown on Tomorrow’s World over thirty years ago. After all the false starts it’s looking like it could be reality in the near future. About time.

  9. Wow, we’re back in the 90s again. I’m not sure I like this concept coming to consoles straight away, I feel like I want things like Oculus Rift to prove themselves andcreally bed in on the PC first. Also, with regsrds to 120 on the diagram, I’m not sure if I want a big plastic bracket installed on my skull.

  10. I’d love to play flower with this

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