SteamOS To See First Public Release This Friday

Valve have announced that the first version of their SteamOS software will launch tomorrow, on Friday the 13th of December. That means you’ll be able to start putting together your own Steam Machines for your living room straight away.

Also comes the news that 300 prototype Steam Machines and the odd looking Valve controller will be sent out to 300 chosen beta testers in the US. Those players will have special “beta” badges on their Steam accounts, to highlight exactly where these 300 rare pieces of kit are going.

There will be more information on how to download SteamOS for your specific hardware when it launches, though it seems to be quite basic, with Valve warning that you “wait until later in 2014 to try it out” unless you’re an intrepid Linux hacker”.

So it seems as though installing might require some hard work on the user’s side of things, and you can’t just click and go or run it from a disc just yet.

Valve will be sharing more details about the final release and commercially released Steam Machines at a press event on January 6th.

Source: ArsTechnica


  1. Seems like it may not have an installer & you really need to know what you’re doing to install it, especially if you don’t want to fuck up the partitions & boot records of your existing OS.

    I’m interested in just how much Ubuntu bloat is in there or whether they chose a completely different path to keep the OS as lean as possible, obviously not all features are bloat so great to see them too

    • The fact I haven’t understood a word you are saying makes me think I will never get one of these, however if they announce half life 3 exclusive to this format then screw it I want one now.

      • They’ve said they would never do that.

      • @tuffclub
        Never do WHAT??!?!?!?!?!
        Half Life 3?
        Nooooo. Number 1 on my ‘things to do before I die list’ is play Half Life 3………..

    • That’s where a virtual machine could come in very handy.

    • I am an Ubuntu user but Ubuntu is taking quite a few radical software decisions (Unity, Mir..). Steam OS very wisely is based on Debian.

      Even Debian is quite easy to install these days so I won’t expect lot’s of difficulties. I think they are just trying to discourage people who doesn’t know anything about computers. Formatting the hard drive is only one click away…

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