News Snatch: Warframe PS4 Update, Strider Trailer And LEGO The Last Of Us

Greetings one and all, another trailer heavy Snatch today starting with the news that Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is to get a classic side scrolling mode.

Need For Speed Rivals has been granted some free DLC in the shape of the 2015 Ford Mustang, a car that was only revealed to the world at the start of the month.


After pummelling us with a gabillionty and twelve screenshots, Capcom have released a trailer for the Strider reboot which highlights some of the remixed tunes.

The PS4 version of Warframe has been updated to make it the same as the PC version, here is what you need to know:

  • Valkyr – A new Warframe forged in the labs of the Zanuka project, Valkyr was subject to cruel experiments leaving her scarred, angry and frighteningly adept at killing.
  • Ember Prime – The second new Warfrane, Ember Prime joins the ranks of excalibur prime, mag prime and frost prime as the newest elite Tenno.
  • Two new bosses – take down Sargas Ruk and Alad V.
  • New tileset – the hunt for Alad V event will reveal the Corpus Gas City. Exciting new gameplay awaits for all who participate.
  • New damage system – a re-vamped damage system breaks physical damage into puncturing, impact and slashing damage, causing differentiation between weapons and varied enemy resistance. Players will need to get to know the enemy to learn the best way to take them down.
  • New weapons – the double-barreled Tigris shotgun, the half whip, half taser Corpus Lecta and the Cestra minigun are now available in the arsenal.
  • New prime weapons – Glaive Prime and Sicarus prime join the elite prime arsenal!
  • New resource drone – the Titan Extractor will travel the star chart and collect resources for you while you’re away from the game.
  • New codex system – scans of enemies and objects reveal important information.
  • New Warframe skins – eight new immortal skins for Warframe customization.
  • New trading system – introduction of the trading post allows players to exchange goods within the game starting with mods and keys.
  • Clan dojo updates – new areas including a trophy room, large garden, research labs and power room.

Four new screens taken from another reboot, this time it is Wolfenstein: The New Order. I can see scarred, pasty white bald men are going to be the “thing” for next-gen, Killzone Shadow Fall has a couple of the blighters.

Probably the cutest thing you will ever see, we present LEGO The Last of Us. Sadly this is not a game, but it really, really should be.

There have been rumours of a dinosaur mode in Battlefield 4, and these Easter eggs are certainly big hints. Two switches need to be activated on the Rogue Transmission map, and once these have been found you will see some trees moving in the distance and the the roar of a T-Rex will be played to all in the game.

“I think we made 12,000 [PS4s] available to Amazon last week and they went out in 27 minutes. When you can sell 12,000 in 27 minutes, it takes some big numbers to satisfy the demand out there,” said Jack Tretton. He also denied creating any artificial shortages to make the PS4 seem more popular than it is.

More fan-made video goodness with Kratos and Hades smacking seven bells out of each other in a WWE 2K14.

YouTube have been removing videos the past week or so after a new policy came in to effect which knocked thousands of “Let’s Play” videos off the site. Most publishers have issued statements saying they are happy for these kind of videos to exist, even though they technically infringe copyright, but this precedent may come back and bite the publishers in the bum.

“Posting video clips without the copyright owners’ permission is copyright infringement,” explained Kim Walker, partner at Thomas Eggar law firm.

“In allowing gamers to promote themselves with footage informally, and by announcing this to the press, developers may be waiving their right to take action for infringement against these or other You-tubers if the content is used in a way they don’t like, unless they have clearly reserved their rights. A licence agreement would be the best way of protecting both parties rather than leaving things on an informal basis, but there will likely be a cost to administer the scheme and so may not prove popular.”

And Finally, a new trailer for PC and PS4 scare ’em up, SOMA.

Now toddle off and be merry, ho ho ho etc.



  1. looks like Leonidas rather than Hades.
    but that Kratos is spot on.

  2. looking forward to Strider! Loved it on Amiga500

  3. The fake “Brick killed a guy” trophy is amazing…
    Love the reference.

  4. ‘(Jack Tretton) also denied creating any artificial shortages to make the PS4 seem more popular than it is.’

    Heh heh. Sure Jack… Suuuuuuure…

    • I was reading about the manufacturing process a few days ago. It took over two months to amass the first million or so. Also, all three consoles struggled with demand last gen (launch-time) too. :-)

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