Disney Announce Star Wars: Attack Squadrons FTP Game

Star Wars X Wing and TIE Fighter are two of the best flight combat based games ever made, at least in my opinion. So I’ve been waiting for an announcement to a sequel to that series for a while for the new gen. This isn’t that announcement but it is a game that appears to be close, though it’s only for PC.



Disney has just announced free to play title Star Wars: Attack Squadron which will feature 16 player matches across three game types including Free For All, Team Dogfight, and Base Defense.  There will also be customisation options for ships, with updates coming regularly.

At the moment there is the opportunity to sign up to have a chance at join a closed beta for the game, though the link indicating the sign up page doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. It’s probably getting hammered at the minute, however if you want to try and get through the link is here.

Source: Star Wars: Attack Squadrons



  1. X wing was really good so I’ll think I’ll sign up to see if I can get on the beta.

  2. These incoming host of star wars games are going to be the most anticipated game announcements for me. I can’t wait to see what else will be revealed.

  3. If this is anything like either the original X-Wing / Tie Fighter flight sims or Factor 5’s amazing Rogue Squadron games then I’m sold.

    The whole FTP thing is worrying though, as it is almost invariably mishandled and leads either to ‘pay-to-win’ gameplay or ridiculous price gouging.

    Actually, that’s interesting. Have any of the TSAer’s had a FTP experience that is at fulfilling as an average boxed game? Please exclude mobile apps as I think that’s a different kettle of fish.

    • Warthunder.

      If this is like war thunder with Tie Fighters then it’s a dead cert.

  4. I’ve got a feeling this will end up sliding into obscurity, like Need For Speed World, the trailer is a bit half hearted too although its nice to hear what sound like audio clips from the old X-Wing games! With any luck Disney will bash this out for the consoles so we can all have a go at being Han Solo… Or at least Peter Griffins Han Solo, haha.

  5. Will defo give this a go. Would love a decent Star Wars game even though I’ve kinda lost interest as years go by

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