Deep Down Receives A New Trailer

Capcom’s Deep Down is a PS4 exclusive free to play title, set in a futuristic New York, despite much of the game that we’ve seen takes place in a more medieval time period.This is down to players being able to access memories from the past, which according to the trailer is done to find out what happened in the future.

Source: Siliconera


  1. Meh @ that trailer – the gameplay footage I’ve seen of DD looked stunning though. I’m still confused what sort of game it is tho as you’ve mentioned F2P, I’m now thinking kinda Warframe esq perhaps?

    Either way I’m looking forward to finding out more, could be good.

    • Yeah, that is a terrible trailer though compared to the initial reveal.

  2. Looking forward to having a go on this as its free. Hope microtransactions dont effect gameplay too much though

    • Call me a pressimistic cynic but I think it’ll have microtransactions endlessly touted through out the game

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