TSA Game Of The Year 2013 – Action Adventure

Action Adventure has emerged as one of the best genres this past generation. With series such as Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, Batman, Grand Theft Auto, The Legend of Zelda and God of War all coming in under this category, there’s almost something for everyone within this expansive genre.

And that trend didn’t stop this year, either. With a new Grand Theft Auto title, two new entries into The Legend of Zelda series, a brand new Assassin’s Creed and a Tomb Raider reboot, there was a lot of brilliance throughout the genre. But none of those titles were our favourite Action Adventure game this year.

It was Naughty Dog’s post-apocalyptic tale which took the crown in our voting, with nearly a ten percent advantage over the second place runner-up. This incredible story-based epic might have been lighter on the adventure mechanics – and some of the action, too – but it genuinely changed the medium, going above and beyond video game narrative that we had seen before, with some great mechanics involving both Joel and Ellie. It might have been very stealth focused, but that just shows how diverse this category is.


In second place was Rockstar’s highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V. This game pretty much did all it could in the confines of Grand Theft Auto, with an engaging story, three playable characters and some extremely fun gameplay. Coming at the end of a generation, it made a real mark as the last big PS3 and Xbox 360 title. GTA Online is also great, expanding the formula to a 16 player multiplayer portion.

The tussle for third was rather close, but it seems as though Assassin’s Creed is once again great, as Black Flag managed to beat the competition and gain its place on the proverbial podium. Turning to piracy appears to have paid off for Ubisoft, and perhaps next year we’ll be voting for another seafaring assassin adventure.

That’s not to say the other games weren’t great – each game had its own qualities, though some were left forgotten (I’m looking at you, A Link Between Worlds) as we each voted for our three favourite titles of the year.

The Last of Us is TheSixthAxis’ Action Adventure Game of the Year.




  1. I think this category is where last (!) generations consoles have shone the most, more than anythibg else I’ve been really impressed by some really beautiful and immersive environments. The Last Of Us on top with GTA second seems spot on.

  2. Isn’t God of war classed under hackNslash, I know it’s an adventure but isn’t almost every game

    • There weren’t enough candidates for a hack and slash category, but it fits in the very broad action adventure category for sure.

    • Categories and genres are really very muddy these days, as games pick and choose so many different elements to include, often borrowing liberally from other genres. That’s why so many games tend to end up in Action Adventure.

      The Adventure side of things is more about the gameplay elements of puzzling, exploring and so on, rather than the plot point of going on an adventure.

  3. I got Last of us for Christmas. Have to say I’ve been greatly enjoying it so far.

    But I always assumed that the end of civilisation would lead to a net increase in the number of Shivs in the world….

  4. GTA V didn’t hold my attention, got about 40% through and haven’t returned to it since. TLoU had me captivated from start to finish though, as did Beyond TS. I’m also feeling like i could take or leave ACIV atm.

  5. Never got to play TLoU and its my one gaming regret of 2013 hehe. Just couldn’t warrant buying a PS3 so close to PS4 launch (and I spent the money on my Wii U lol).

    Still hoping it comes to PS4 either via a conversion definitive edition release like tomb raider or via the streaming service.

    GTA V though I really enjoyed from start to finish, was the sort of game I just couldn’t stop playing. Never got to try the online play as I flogged it straight after I finished the story.

  6. The Last of Us. Game of the generation without a doubt :-)

  7. Underwhelmed by TLoU. Gameplay wise it was just very run of the mill to me.

    Good game, but not great.

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