Warner Bros. Teasing Something Batman For New Year’s Eve

Warner Bros. has posted the image below on their Facebook page with the note “Visit this page on December 31st for a special announcement.”



The Art Deco style of the image suggests two possible reveals, either Batman has gone to Rapture and is fighting Splicers (AWESOME!) or some 1930’s DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins (slightly less awesome).

It’s almost certainly not Batman Arkham Whatevers 4, they would not announce a brand new game on New Year’s Eve when everyone is busy getting drunk.

Source: Facebook



  1. Bioshock Batman would be awesome!

  2. Mobile game perhaps?

  3. I hope origins comes out on ps4

  4. Batman the Definitive Edition? ;)

  5. maybe they’re reviving that Gotham By Gaslight game.
    that actually looked pretty cool.

    mind you that was more Victorian era wasn’t it?

    but, the art deco style of that logo implies something set around the 20s or 30s.

    well, not long to wait.

  6. Well i would save the date, but last time i checked there was no 31st month of the year & there certainly wasn’t a 12th of it! ;)

  7. I NEED an Arkham game on the next-gen consoles… I’m guessing that this’ll be the story based DLC for Origins that’s been rumoured for a while though. Which is a shame.

  8. It’s the Batman version of Lets Dance, with 1920/30’s tunes

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