Games With Gold For January Gets Sleeping Dogs

Let’s be honest, many of the Games With Gold  for the Xbox 360 offerings have been met with derision due to the age of the games that many would already have got. Halo 3 being a prime example of this.

However, it appears that Microsoft are starting to bring more recent titles to the service, with 2014 kicking off with a trip to Hong Kong courtesy of Sleeping Dogs, followed by Lara Croft & The Guardian Of Light. As usual each game will be available to get for a period of two weeks.


Sleeping Dogs is available from tomorrow, January 1st until January 15th, while Lara Croft & The Guardian Of Light will be on offer from January 16th until the 31st.




  1. It’s still months after Sleeping Dogs was free for PS+ers.

    • Wonder if Microsoft are hindered in some way by giving the games away, as in they’re yours to keep, not just ‘rented’ to you like PS+?

      • Are they yours to keep though? If you cancel or don’t renew your gold membership do you lose access to the games in the same way you do with PS+

  2. Good start to the year, hopefully the quality & age of the games continues like this.

  3. I was hoping they would start Xbone version of games for gold in January as they said it will come some time soon. Just a cheap game would be good.
    Anyway it beats the rubbish they’ve chucked out before.

  4. wow, something actually decent, that’s less than three years old.

  5. Blimey! A half decent relatively recent game on Games with Gold! Both Games already been given with PS+ though.

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