PES 15 Confirmed For PS4 But Not Xbox One

The official Pro Evolution Soccer account has confirmed that the series will make its debut on PlayStation 4 but, so far, not on Xbox One.

A fan asked if PES 14 was coming to PlayStation 4 but was told PES 15 would be the first game in the series on the console. Another tweeter then asked “Will PES 2015 be a PS4 exclusive or will we see it on Xbox One and Wii U?” to which the official account replied:

You would assume that the game would be developed for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the same time so the response is rather odd. However, it may be that the PES account was referring to just the Wii U version rather than answering the full question.

Source: Twitter



  1. Yes! Ah the joy knowing that pro coming. Gave FIFA a go, warmed up to it but the heart is with pro.

    Hopefully they release a vita version too

  2. Exclusivity deal to get back at EA bundling Fifa with X1’s?

    • Doubt Sony are bitter about that seems more people play FIFA on ps console anyway

    • Not just Fifa bundling, everything EA has xbox One at the end of the advertisement, timed dlc (bf4) or features (Fifa UT legends).

      That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if PES is much more popular in Japan, AND there’s no confirmation x1 will even be released in Japan by pes 2015

      • Uh Oh! Xbox has timed dlc for BF4??? That’s just annoying. I can’t see how getting dlc a few weeks early is going to make me want to go out and buy an Xbox, it just annoys me and increases my frustration with Microsoft. & that would go for Sony if I had an Xbox.

  3. I’ll only get excited if it will allow our own kits. I can’t see it being a problem but who knows. I thought last PES was a step in the right direction not a huge but big enough to see it back on the right path.
    Come on Konami take back the crown. Fingers crossed.

    • “I’ll only get excited if it will allow our own kits.” Same… I want my Forwards to be Assault, Midfielders to be Recon & Defence to be Support. Then I want my keeper to be an engineer parked in front of the goal in an Anti-Craft Tank.

      • Haha you got the wrong game. That’s FIFA your looking for…

  4. Bah, I’m really looking forward to the PSP PES15..!

  5. Sounds like they’ll be addressing the graphics engine (and more) if it’s PES 15.

  6. Bizarre. As much as I’m enjoying Fifa14 on X1 I would love to pick up PES this year. Last year’s game was a step in the right direction.

  7. When they actually announce the game, it’ll likely be multi-platform. Seems too early for it.

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