Energy Hook Swinging Onto PS4 And Vita First In 2014

Sit with me a while and remember how awesome Spiderman 2 on the PlayStation 2 was. Close your eyes for a moment and remember the exhilaration you felt as your little red-and-blue dude swept through the city streets. It was good, that, wasn’t it?


Well now one of the guys directly responsible for the mild feeling of disappointment you’ve felt with every Spiderman game since then (he made the swinging mechanics on Spiderman 2) is returning to the thing he’s most proud of: swinging about.

Jaime Fristrom is now an independent developer and last year, he launched a Kickstarter campaign to get a new game off the ground and swinging around. It’s called Energy Hook and it looks like it might just be the first thing since Spiderman 2 to feel as awesome about swinging as Spiderman 2.

Jaime has taken to the US PS Blog to let us know that his game, which he vowed to make even if his Kickstarter only raised $1, is on its way to PlayStation 4 and Vita. He describes it as a mix of Spiderman 2 (with the swinging) and SSX (because you get points for stylishly executing mid-air tricks). There’s rooftop running, wallrunning, mid air hijinks and you’ll have gravity beams, gravity boots and a jetpack. What more could you want? Nothing, that’s what, and if you do want more then you’re just being greedy.

Energy Hook looks a bit good, hopefully we’ll get to see some video soon.



  1. I remember thinkging it didn’t look that good, when I saw it before, but it’s sounding a bit more promising now.

    • Art style seems to have been tweaked a little bit since the initial KS video, I think. Looks pretty stylish and a lot of fun :)

  2. I like the sound of that, i loved spiderman 2 and no spidey game since has come close to matching it. Hopefully this will fill the void.

  3. Looks great! I never tried Spiderman 2 but I like the idea of some good Ninja Roping with jet packs, like in Worms Armageddon when it was still fun.

  4. Interesting tid bit regarding why its timed exclusive on eurogamer:

    Fristrom told Eurogamer the PlayStation deal came about after a brief Twitter exchange with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s Shahid Kamal Ahmad. Ahmad had asked developers what it would take for them to port to Vita before other platform. Fristrom’s response was for Sony to cover the cost of licensing the Unity game development engine and front up a $20,000 “incentive”.

    “I can make something like that happen for you Jamie, like before,” Ahmad replied. “Your work is the bomb.”

    Full article:

    • Everything I hear about this shahid blokes makes me think he ‘s a bit of a hero, he was great at the ps4 reveal aswell, he sounds very in tune with what games want and asset to sony, microsoft could do with someone like him and less of fools like that mattress bloke

  5. He comes over as being a really nice guy and is a great asset for Sony.

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