PlayBack: DmC Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry has always been one of those series I’ve admired from a distance. Though I completely understand the appeal, I’ve never had a great experience with the games. There was something about 2008’s Devil May Cry 4 that felt hollow and a bit archaic, the core gameplay mechanics beginning to stagnate.

Therefore, when it was announced that British developer, Ninja Theory, would helm a series reboot, I was more than excited. Others weren’t as enthused by the admittedly jarring change of art direction, but if the stream of positive reviews and high scores are anything to go by, Ninja Theory did a sterling job.

With a new Dante, new setting, and revised combat it proved to be one of the year’s best action titles. It may not have been as good a reboot as 2013’s Tomb Raider, but it came damn close.


Best Bit


What made DMC such a great success was its approach to combat. Devil May Cry has always renowned for its fast-paced, combo-heavy fighting style, which Ninja Theory revised perfectly.

Apart from his blade and trusty dual pistols, Dante has a whole arsenal of Angel and Demon weaponry available by simply holding the right or left trigger. It’s a fluid system and one which allows players to cycle through at least six weapons in a single combo if they so choose. For the less meticulous, however, it still provides oodles of diversity. If you thought the weapon system in God of War: Ascension was awesome, think again.

As mentioned before, it wasn’t just DMC’s gameplay that received a facelift. Though a certain degree of familiarity remains, the rest of Devil May Cry has also been modernised, propelled into a unique world where conspiracy and mythology meet in shady metropolis. In short, the game has serious attitude and there are some fantastic locales and set pieces to behold.

Worst Bit


In truth, there’s not much to say against DMC. It does everything you’d want from a modern day action game and even has plenty of bonus content and features for those looking beyond the campaign’s ten or so hours.

I suppose the only real complaint is the degree to which Ninja Theory capitalised on their new setting and characters. Past the half-way mark, story beats start to become more and more predictable and the game climaxes with a rather average ending. I still enjoyed it, of course, but it just didn’t feel wacky or zesty enough compared to the developer’s ballsy approach to the rest of the game.

DMC is definitely worth picking up if you haven’t done so already, and since it’s currently free through PlayStation Plus, you’ve not got many excuses. Though some fans may find it hard to adjust, it kicks the doors wide open for newcomers or those, like myself, who were indifferent before the change of hands.



  1. Like you always had interest in DMC since ps2 days but never brought myself to play them. Then played dmc4 my God that was awful.

    I love this new DMC it feels like GoW combat wise I love it

  2. Never played any of the originals and playing through DMC on the PC with 3D vision. It really looks spectacular. Really like the learning curve. Its a game which I am constantly looking around for secrets which is something I rarely do.

  3. Loved the original, which was my favourite game of the PS2 generation.

    Went in to DmC hugely skeptical, but fell in love and put hours into it to get the platinum.

    However there are a couple of gripes I have with it.

    Firstly it was too easy. I wanted a Dante must die mode akin to the one in the original which was brutal.

    Secondly, the guns were worthless. In the original game, Dante’s guns were effective against certain enemies because they were ancient demons who had never experienced firearms and so had no defence. In DmC there is literally no point in using them.

    Also, even though he grew on me as a character, and his devil trigger was sick, he still wasn’t the Dante I grew up with.

    Nosia soundtrack was quality though and I loved the level in the club with it pumping away.

  4. I’m loving this at the moment after it was given away on PS+. I briefly played the previous Devil May Cry and quite enjoyed it, but there’s something about the style with this one that I love.

    It reminds me a lot of Painkiller’s hell level (with buildings floating in the air etc) with the attitude of John Constantine from the comics.

  5. Picked it up from PS+, seems alright. The presentation isn’t quite satisfactory though with dull loadscreens that could have helped tell the story, but feels like a missed opportunity. That’s just a minor complaint, though. My main problem so far is the truly awful jumping and uninteresting characters. With Dantes background, he could be a very interesting character, but he’s just not likable for me so far. But then I’m at the very start, so maybe it’ll improve.

  6. I must fire this up soon. It’s not really my kind of game, but worth a go as it’s on PS+

  7. As a previous player of the series and loved Dmc1, 3 and 4 I found DmC to be extremely dissapointing. If the combat was meant to be streamlined for newbies why was the Grab/Pull move from DMC4 made more complicated with multiple inputs along with multiple dodge buttons? That made no sense, especially since it removed directional inputs for attacks and combos along with lock on.

    Basically, a lot less moves for me to play with.

    And plus I didn’t like the setting or the character changes made, nothing against a revision in itself but the lighthearted fun had faded to become gritty and too serious for me, and Vergil was the most annoying part of the new game.

    On the pros side, the graphics are nice and so is the art direction, but it isn’t really Devil May Cry. It should have been its own IP rather than using a familiar one. DMC4 did pretty well so why was a reboot needed? I noticed the amount of people who said “Yeah, actually DMC4 was shit” only came up once DmC was announced and not before, as if to ride the waves of the hype.

    I do remember after the release of this game Ninja Theory did a presentation that compared the original series to Brokeback Mountain with some bad photoshops in order to make DmC look “cooler”.

    Anyway, people did enjoy this game, although I personally didn’t. Like marmite I guess.

  8. Love all DmC outings. In order I’d say….

    3 and reboot

  9. I never really got into the original titles, played some of the first one (and enjoyed it) but that was it.

    However I loved this – some interesting ideas and level design.

  10. The main problem i have with the reboot is the entire style of it. To me, it’s not Devil May Cry. It does look fun but the style doesn’t appeal to me and this Dante seems to be unlikable. I will admit, i did over react when i saw the new Dante but it was the entire approach to it that put me off it. Loved 1 and 3. Have played a bit of 2 and seen most of the cutscenes on Youtube. 2 is the worst DMC of the original franchise. Dante, as a character was butchered. 3 is where DMC reached it’s prime. 4 was just lazy. It’s good but lazy. Do hope there will be a DMC 5 that will be just as good as DMC3.

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