February’s Leaked List Of PS+ Content Seems Too Good To Be True

February’s PlayStation Plus content might include BioShock Infinite and Metro: Last Light for PlayStation 3, Dynasty Warriors Next and ModNation Racers Roadtrip for PS Vita and Outlast for PS4.

That’s another impressive month for the instant game collection, and GamePointsNow is reporting that this is the content, though there’s no confirmation beyond them being shown the list by an anonymous source, which means the rumour is purely based on how reliable the site is.


And maybe a few other things, too.

You wouldn’t have to make a huge leap to consider BioShock Infinite as a potential part of the Instant Game Collection. There’s DLC on the way which they want to push to as many people as possible, and the title made it on to the US PS+ IGC last month, so that’s a definite possibility.

But that, along with another big FPS from last year? Now that sounds a bit unlikely. We’ve seen some impressive stuff on PS+ before, but there’s never really two similar games, or two huge titles such as these in the same month.

The main reason that the list doesn’t hold up is with the PlayStation Vita games however, as if you’ve visited the official site for the service, you’ll know that one of the requirements for a game to get on PS+ is to be “top-rated”, with a 70+ Metacritic score. Dynasty Warriors sits at 67 and ModNation is even lower at 62.

As for Outlast, this one seems more likely. The PlayStation UK website has the 5th of February as the release date, which is around the time of the update going live.

We don’t know anything for sure – I’d say Outlast on PS4 is coming to the service, and probably BioShock Infinite at some point if not in February, but the other games don’t seem likely, unless they really have just ran out of top-rated Vita games which they want to give away.



  1. Outlast was confirmed to be launching on plus.

    As for the Vita games meta, I think that would apply to PS3 games only due to the fact the Vita library isn’t as big so can’t be as picky.

  2. I wanted Hotline Miami for Vita :( US got that already iirc.
    Tbh I think vita offerings have been rather average on and off anyway.
    I read Outlast next for PS4 too which sounds good to me :)

  3. The problem with leaked PS+ lists is that people on the internet feel like they are then entitled to that content. If it turns out that this isn’t February’s update, they get annoyed and dampen what could have otherwise been another solid update.

  4. I don’t think Metro: Last Light can be ruled out simply because it’s two brilliant shooters at the same time. Remember Me and MGS Revengance was a bombardment of goodness last year, so I reckon it’s plausible to have both shooters at the same time. I’d look forward to playing Metro if it did come, and although I’ve played Bioshock Infinite on PC, I would like to play it again and go for the platinum.

    Vita’s line up is just messed up though, generally speaking. If it isn’t the two games mentioned (which I would rather like to have), then that doesn’t leave an awful lot left for full feature games. Add to that the fact that games have to be available in all regions (which rules out something like Disgaea 3), and the line up doesn’t look brilliant.

    The official news update should be soon anyway as it has been two and a half weeks already. Perhaps this week if they plan to update on the 22nd.

  5. Invinite’s a great game, not played Metro though.

    i wouldn’t mind Dynasty Warriors on Vita.

    i guess we’ll soon see what we’re actually getting.

  6. Isn’t the update usually before the month actually starts? i.e won’t February update be in late January? I know this months PS4 update was on the 8th jan for obvious reasons but the other platforms refreshed in December.

    • Yep, Feb’s update will probably go live on January 29th.

  7. I’ll be glad of those games. I only own 1 of them. I’ve played Outlast courtesy of Ps+ on Ps3 . I didn’t ready like it. I got Modnation on the Vita it’s a bit average. I did enjoy the demo of Dynasty warriors but never bought it. I’ll download Ps3 games but just like Borderlands 2 probably not play it much as more new gen focused. Only if they patched full Ds4 use on Ps3 I think if use it more but I doubt it’s going to happen.

      • Oh hmm cheers for that. Oh dear. I do apologise. My bad.

    • Outlast never came out on PS3?

      It’s PC/PS4 exclusive.

      • thought ubisoft made a game called Outlast?

      • Red Barrels Studio are Indie, although they do have ex-Ubisoft founders (and ex-Naughty Dog too).

        A quick search on Metacritic isn’t showing any game from Ubisoft on PS3- just this game and two unrelated iOS games.

      • I figured it out- you’re thinking of Ubisoft published platformer Outland.

      • yep that’s the one got confused myself.

    • I think you are thinking of Outland on PS3, another Housemarque game.

  8. Outlast is amazing, I look forward to playing it on PS4 (I have it from Steam). Red Barrels Studio really looks like an Indie studio to watch- founded by a group of game designers whose previous work includes Uncharted, Splinter Cell & Assassin’s Creed.

    Bioshock Infinite is obviously great.

    I own Modnation, it’s a solid game and I think it was a harshly reviewed game, easily deserves to break the minimum of 70 (by the way, the website says it’s “based off,” not that it’s guaranteed to stick to the letter of it). One of the major faults it had at launch were the long loading times, but patches managed to reduce them.

    Dynasty Warriors is a game where the demo interested me but I never got round to buying it. I look forward to it coming out on PS+ if true.

    I don’t think Metro counts a big game (nowhere near the level of Bioshock anyway)- the series never really made it big, although I understand that they are games produced to a AAA standard. I may well end up giving it a go and enjoying it.

    It seems a plausible list to me. Outlast is my highlight (but Bioshock Infinite the real star I think).

  9. Sub 70 games have released on Plus before. :)

    • Which?

      • Lego Lord of the Rings Vita?

      • Yep. Lego Lords of the Rings (Vita) was sub-70 on metacritic. I thought it was a bit boring to be part of the IGC. It seems “top-rated” no longer applies. Oh dear. Unless Sony intended to mean that the games would be 70+ irrespective of platform. So LLOTR is 82 on PS3, therefore it counts for 70+ despite the Vita version being 54. Either way, it’s sub 70 and shouldn’t be happening when the IGC is advertised to be 70+. There’s a clear discrepancy.

    • I watched the advert for the instant game collection yesterday, and all it said was top rated (70+ Metacritic) games each month. Nowhere did it say ALL plus games would be top rated and therefore 70+ rated on Metacritic.

  10. Dang it, I’ve just bought Bioshock in the steam sale but don’t have time to play it until I’ve finsihed my other games. I guess I should have waited.

    Yeah the Vita doesn’t really have an expansive library of (good) games to select from. Free games are free games though at the end of the day. I’d happily pay the PS+ fee just for the online, so any games I get with that is a bonus. My only gripe is that I can’t download PS3 digital titles to my PS4, small gripe but a pain none the less.

    • Same here, Bioshock would hit me the second time after FC3 that I’ve got the game already, and not even got round playing it yet.
      Hope there’s something else worth it for me. Not that I’d really have the time.. ;o)

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