Undead Labs Sign A Multi-Title Agreement With Microsoft

Undead Labs, the team behind Xbox 360 hit State of Decay, have signed a multi-title, multi-year agreement with Microsoft.

Details of the deal will be shared later in the year so we do not know if future games will be signed exclusively to Microsoft, or if they will be timed exclusives. Microsoft is the publisher of State of Decay so there is no chance of that title jumping to PlayStation.


“We think it’s best if we just keep our heads down and build some prototypes before we talk too much. For now, suffice it to say there are big things going on with State of Decay,” explained Studio founder Jeff Strain.


Source: Undead Labs



  1. Can’t say I’m disappointed, that trailer looks proper shit, even if it’s a 360 game.

    • It’s a wonderful game, fella. I know you and I enjoyed (separately) Dead Island, if I recall. This is light on the RPG, light on the management, open world, NPC party (but hopefully they’ll replace future versions with human players in co-op).

      It could be one of the finest co-op games to exist. I poo you not! There’s a reason why it’s been doing so well on the Xbox. Shame it never came to the PS3, etc.

      • Just realised something. It’s a very small studio. Forget all the lavish mo-cap and top level actors doing voice overs. The essence of this game flattens many top-drawer titles as they’ve nailed the concept before even development started.

        I can see why the trailer looks a bit naff.

      • Fair enough, it doesn’t look great in the trailer but that sounds pretty decent! Yeah, it seems co-op would be the logical and good step forward.

  2. Looks like XB1 will be well catered for in the zombie game department.

  3. A bit gutted but the PC version will see their attention I’m sure.

    SoD (!) has been such a lovely game to play on the PC. On my fourth play through at present. If they make that into any sort of co-op, I will love them forever.

    Cheers for the heads-up, fella. :-)

  4. Did enjoy the demo but I’ve become a bit zombie-ed out after so many games like this over the last few years. I want dinosaurs games to be the new zombie games.

    • I’m pretty much zombie-ed out too. It’s as if the government/world leaders know there’s going to be a zombie apocalypse and they’re slowly getting us used to the fact so it deadens the blow & we know how to kill them etc. I was planning on packing my PS4 and a guitar, then moving to an abandoned oil rig just off the coast in preparation. Introducing dinosaurs to the mix is forcing me to pack a giant crossbow too to shoot down potential threats like pterodactyls.

      • Good planning. Lets just hope the dinosaurs don’t become zombie dinosaurs or we’ll be fooked.

      • that’s just silly talk.

        what you want is a harpoon gun, so you can retrieve the dead pterodactyls, sure to be a lot of meat on them.

        just think of it as a giant chicken. ^_^

      • Good call. I’ll find some rope for the harpoon & hold back just enough to tie-up and kidnap Colonel Saunders, then transport him safely onto the rig to cook the pterodactyl with his secret recipe & open up my own franchise of KFP. Now I just need a Jetski to do deliveries and learn morse code to take orders.

  5. i would have liked to have seen them go multi platform and produce something for the Playstation machines, but i can see why they would sign with MS, with MS publishing SoD and it being so successful they must be happy with how things are.

    and good luck to em i say.

  6. Very much enjoyed State of Decay so I’m kind of saddened they may not be on PS3 or 4. Its the closest game to DayZ on consoles right now. Just needed co-op to be perfect.

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