GTA V On PC Allegedly Papped In This Video

Huge caveats with this one. We don’t know if this is a well done fake or if there’s some other kind of trickery going on to make this appear to be GTA V running on a PC. Also, we’d be inclined to think that it’s not all that important – lots of rumours seem to suggest it’s happening and we won’t be able to be 100 per cent sure until Rockstar releases a statement, screenshot, trailer or something.


But if you’re eagerly awaiting news of GTA V on PC then all of this is a bit of fun, at least.

The short video, which the YouTube poster claims to have gone to considerable risk to secure, shows Franklin and friends near his house and a nice piece of gang-style graffiti. It’s claimed that this is from an early developer version of the game (whatever that means) and that it will be released in Q1 2014 which is some time before the end of March. Or before the end of June if it’s Q1 fiscal 2014. So basically “at some point this year.”

The pause menu is probably the most pertinent part of the video. Despite a glacially slow mouse icon seeming out of place, there are a number of video-card options that the user changes. Those options would only appear on the PC version, of course. It’s difficult to tell for sure but the changes do appear to make some differences when the game is unpaused.

It’s often assumed – although it is only an assumption – that GTA V’s potential PC release will coincide with a release for next gen consoles. Even if that’s not the case, a PC release would potentially offer the opportunity for mods and things to extend the life of the game even further.



  1. Looks a bit spish to me.

  2. Looks a bit Max Payne-y to me. Note that the video memory amount indicator. I’ve only ever seen that in Max Payne 3 PC. I however am on the “Fake” side of the fence.

  3. Looks pretty legit to me. Especially with how convincing the extra menu items appear. Also, if I’m not mistaken, he’s using a controller to play the game which explains the “oh god, the mouse movement!”. :-)

  4. Looks like everyone’s starting their comments with a look of some sort, to me.

    • Looks that way.

      • Looks like I’m not going to break the chain.

      • It’s the look, it’s the look, the look of luurve.

      • look’s repetitive..

    • I’m such a trendsetter

  5. Looks like you guys have got too much time on your hands…

  6. I can see the settings menu looking a bit like this i agree and GTA IV had a video memory usage indicator like this one.

    But what i cant believe for a second is that the game is running on Very High near enough everthing and using under 1GB of video memory. Especially since the tessalation and Anistropic filtering is at 16x.

    Either this is a fake or rockstar have worked miracles about how PC uses the video memory. I can still see the need for a computer to have 4GB+ video memory or an SLI setup to be able to run it on maximum.

    • Max Payne 3 (on the PC) had the same details about video memory and I was very impressed with the figures there too. My graphics card has 3GB of the stuff but it was happy on 1GB or so and I had everything either on Very High or Ultra (or their equivalents).

      • I remember GTA IV being a pain for video memort and it needing a quad core processor and at least a 1GB card. But i didnt play Max Payne so they might have improved on this, i didnt play this but i imagine the graphics on GTAV would be better, and the graphics would need to render further than Max Payne.

        Sounds like they are doing something with optimising the graphics properly. Well done Rockstar for doing something Ubisoft cant be bothered with because they are lazy.

    • I suppose you’re going to have very good memory usage if your releasing on consoles with only a couple of hundred MB.

      That said, I thought 1GB was enough for most PC games @1080p?

      • Most new games need at least 1GB to run minimum now. Battlefield 4 needs a good 3GB+ to run at maximum. Its not all about the video memory but a lot of new games are requiring 2GB or more.

        Crysis 3 was a massive hog on graphics. On my machine it used the 3GB to render at 1080p on ultra high graphics.

      • Crikey, didn’t realise things were anywhere near that bad.

  7. Can’t see the video, due to a copyright claim from Take 2, although that’s probably better confirmation in itself?!

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