Game Says Their Sales Skyrocketed For Christmas

UK retailer Game hasn’t had it easy recently. Their slip into administration was a shock for many customers who, having already lost their local HMV in similar fashion, were about to lose the only specialist games retailer within easily travelled distance.

Fortunately, the company was bought out, restructured a bit and seems to have come back stronger than it had been for some time. Despite recent practices around console “bundles” being a slip back to consumer-unfriendly price-gouging, they have generally, in my entirely anecdotal experience, been much more friendly, informed and switched on since the restructure.


So today’s sales figures, posted up on MCV, are a very good sign for the company. They claim year-on-year increase of 83 per cent for overall sales, with their online sales jumping a massive 213 per cent year-on-year. That’s for the six weeks to January 4th, so it encompasses sales from the day after the Xbox One release and covers the period in which the PlayStation 4 was released too.

As you might expect, much of the credit goes to the newly released next-gen consoles and their software libraries. But Martyn Gibbs is keen to point out that the new hardware isn’t the only reason that Game is revelling in such success. “These figures also reflect the transformation over an 18-month period of the operational and financial profile of the business,” he said, pointing out that this investment put them in a good position to handle the new launches.

Gibbs also credits the company’s focus on their digital delivery and online offerings, stating that the company is “continuing to invest in [their] digital delivery and expect to see revenue from digital content increase significantly in 2014 and beyond.”

Source: MCV



  1. Week done GAME. You are needed on the High st. Please learn a lesson from last time and compete with prices from now on. I should imagine it’s only really used on regular basis by the non-internet populace as everybody knows most stuff is cheaper elsewhere.

  2. Use Game for occasional accessories, digitally delivered £5 PSN credit and the occasionally well priced game (Vita Batman [email protected]£17). I probably spent £100 with them last year the highest amount (with them) in almost a decade!

  3. All good stuff! Have had loads of fun with the recent lock-ins as well as the fact even though they don’t open til 9am I finish work at before 8 and if I’ve had a pre-order the manager and staff are more than happy to open up and let me get my games!

  4. Good news for all gamers. I think the exclusives for games help too, I bought my first game from Game in years because of the extras.

  5. And if they want to keep going they need to put the prices back to normal instead of trying to get £60 for x1/ps4 games. They were always going to get a huge boost with the new consoles out, but they don’t appear to have learnt their lesson.

  6. Their prices are still hideous though. £59 for cod ghosts on Xbox one. It’s £39 on shopto. The prices in game are usually at least £10 more than other shops. I only bought my Xbox one from them because I was guaranteed to get it at midnight launch. The staff are usually clueless and always push extras on you. Do you want Xbox live points? Disc protection? Any games you want to preorder? My brother recently bought something from them and they had the cheek to add disc protection on without even asking first. Plus the recent dodgy tactics of saying they only have bundles in stock on the ps4 and Xbox one when in fact they do have consoles in ready to be sold but dislike selling you a console and games of your choice as they don’t make as much money on it. When they inevitable go back into administration they will only have themselves to blame again.

    • Touche. The only reason I used them was because they guaranteed the PS4 on day of release as I didn’t want one sent. It may be different in other stores but a couple of the staff in my local seem to be helpful and have a fair idea of what they’re taking about but the other 90% are pretty clueless. I know sometimes they’re trying to help but come across patronising and seem to talk to you like you’ve never seen a video game in your life. Then they try and justify their high prices with one-off warranties which you should legally get with whatever you’ve purchased anyway.
      As for what they were doing with the bundles, I was wandering whether it was even legal. It’s like a car salesman saying he’ll only sell me an Audi if I have it upgraded to full specs and buy 10 extra wheels and a Scooter only to use them for insurance too.

  7. Game always makes me smile when I walk in there, so thank you Game.

    Like when I bought Battlefield 4 for £50 from Argos next door and seeing you sold it for £60 made me smile or when I bought AC4 digitally for £28 and you sold it for £55 again made me smile.

  8. My local Game are as bad as ever. Tried every trick in the book to get my mum to buy an Xbox one when she went to order my brothers PS4.

    They also wanted £54.99 for Knack pre-owned, while the Grainger Games down the road wanted £40 new.

    They’re always more expensive than the rest of the places I buy games.

  9. One reason only and that was the release of XB1 and PS4! They have not learned from the previous regime if ridiculous high prices and I never buy from there! They are needed on the High St but will face the same issues as before if they don’t sort the pricing out!

  10. Well done Game. Gotta admit my First launch console experience (PS4) was sublime. Great to see them reaping the rewards :-)

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