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Rockstar Tackling GTA Online Cheaters

Not literally tackling. They’re not going round peoples houses and knocking them to the ground, but they are “taking aim” at cheaters, as the newswire post states.

“In recent weeks, a small number of Grand Theft Auto Online players sought to exploit the game by generating and distributing game-breaking amounts of in-game cash, disrupting the experience for other players.”

That’s probably why the service is down for maintenance today, and they say that they’ll be issues title updates over the coming months to address these issues. They’re calling the fake money “counterfeit”, bless, and they’ll be removing this as part of the process. Anyone who accidentally received money but did not take part in the cheating will not face any further action.

However, if you knowingly took part in these exploits then you’ll be faced with in-game penalties such as being placed in isolated cheater-only games or being banned altogether. You can also report cheaters through the pause menu.

Rockstar apologise for anyone affected by these issues, and are grateful for the community’s support.


  1. Recently, each time a play Borderlands 2 with a friend of mine he tells me about how bugged the single player campaign is in GTAV and that it becomes really hard to get a platinum trophy in it. It’s disappointing they only fix online based problems and mainly the ones related to glitches, that give players enormous amount of cash in GTAO.

    • What were the glitches with the sp? I can’t say i came across any (not saying there aren’t any, just that i never personally found any).

      I know a few that have platted it, so it can’t be a widespread issue. Are they sure it isn’t a corrupted save issue or something else individual?

      • I have the platinum and only issues I had was a corrupted online saves (4x) had no issues in SP unless if he means he cannot get a Mission from Trevor or Michael etc…. you have to do activities or make phone calls as 3 characters will appear. It is common but not really a bug ;)

  2. I say, break at least one leg of each offender.

    • Good call, why stop at one leg? I say break at least three legs of each offender.

      • That would imply that these “people” (& i use that term lightly) would be well hung enough for the 3rd leg mantle to apply.

        Given the fact that they have effectively cheated to get ahead in an online game would probably provide an argument against that! :)

        I think a more effective punishment would be to make them go outside.

    • Too late…….

  3. Cheat to get cash = unbalanced.
    Buy cash with real money = fair?

    (not supporting the cheaters just pointing out the hypocrisy)

    • Yeah, i would say that it is fair to buy cash with real money (if that is the sort of thing you are into) – Cheaters are trying to get ahead for free, at least those that buy in game currency are paying for it!

      • But basically Rockstar are saying people having more money unbalances the game, but if they(rockstar) have benefited then its ok.

        Playing the game and doing well should be the only way to get new stuff.

    • Totally agree with you… Pay to win = cheating for people with more money than sense.

    • I’m wondering if that is the real issue as well

    • I’m kind of in agreement but on the other hand…

      Waste a whole night making an effort and having to chat to a nice young lady to progress for sex
      Use cash and buy a prostitute

      …and that seems perfectly reasonable so I’m in two minds. :)

      • Are you up for election any time soon?

  4. Good.

  5. I’ll be honest, after I finished the story mode I went online and found it extremely boring. Grinding the same missions over and over to get cash/XP is not fun. If I’d none of an exploit at the time to get insta cash, I probably would have. That being said, I sold the game shortly after.

    • *known

    • The cash boost just makes online funny. If you do the server hack you can’t play any missions. Just piss about.

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