News Snatch: Lord Of The Fallen, OlliOlli And Tapioca

We begin with medical news, who knew you could be allergic to tapioca? I did not, but after trying a Bubble Tea (don’t ask, it’s a hipster London thing I was forced to try), it turns out I am, which is why there was no Snatch on Friday.

This confirms my long held belief that tapioca is the Devil’s love custard.


A couple of screens from Lord of the Fallen, arriving on PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

Rumours abound that Valve are to drop the Steam Greenlight process because the system is “evolving.” Although a replacement has not been confirmed, Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail has said “They’ve been clearing 100 games every month… You don’t do that because there are 100 good games on Greenlight every month. You do that because you want to get rid of everything that isn’t green lit before you kill it, so you don’t upset developers.”

A trailer for the Don’t Starve Reign of Giants DLC pack, which is coming to PC at some point in the future and PS4 a little later than that.

HBO GO has been announced for both PS3 and PS4 in North America, bringing unlimited access to Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire.

The lovely chaps and chapesses at Curve Studios have teased four announcements for next month and three of them are for PS Vita. I might pop round their offices and buzz the intercom until they tell me.

Remember the BioShock movie that was in production but eventually got cancelled? The concept artist who worked on it has posted a load of images, you can find them by tickling this link, he has got copyright notices all over his website so I cannot post the images here.

Adam’s Venture: Chronicles looks like Uncharted/Assassin’s Creed on a budget, and is coming to PS3 on February 5th in Europe for €11.99, with a 20% discount at launch for PS+ members.

Stats Snatch: Over half of TwitchTV users watch more than 20 hours of gaming each week and 68% say they now watch less TV as a result.

WTF News of the week: Silent Hill: Origins on PSP was originally a dark comedy inspired by TV series Scrubs.

“It was supposed to be a dark comedy and, at some point, someone said Scrubs was [the inspiration]!” said lead designer Sam Barlow. “We pushed back and said, ‘Look, if this goes out, it will be a disaster. There’s a hardcore fanbase [of Silent Hill players].”

It looks like Delsin from InFamous Second Son will be heading towards LittleBig Planet, “More info coming soon” tweeted the EU PlayStation account.

Hello Games have tweeted that a beta invite for No Man’s Sky currently doing the rounds is a scam.

The OlliOlli double Vita challenge, two Vitas one level.

How long has Alien: Isolation been production? Bloody ages, that’s how long. Shortly after work completed on Viking: Battle For Asgard, Creative Assembly put together a prototype to convince Sega to let them work on the license.

Viking was released in March 2008.

KAZ: Pushing the Virtual Divide is a documentary about a certain racing game, can you guess which one?

And Finally, behind the scenes when PlayStation took over the OXO tower in London.



  1. That OXO tower thing is cool.

  2. I think Valve would be far better off having an Indie Store. Then, once indie games reach a certain amount of sales, they are released onto the ‘full’ store. So many games on Greenlight just look like cheap Minecraft imitations, or Day-Z survival style ones.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of the LotR game, especially on PS4.

    Oh, and I’m gonna be that guy… Lord(s) of the Fallen.

  4. Love the whole “This is for the players” marketing campaign, its just brilliant. Whoever thought it up should get a raise.

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