New Apple TV Could Look To The Fruitful Games Market

Rumours that Apple are considering are games console have been around for a while now, and now a new one has cropped up. This one relates to the tech company’s Apple TV line, with the new model allegedly having the ability to support games.

This rumour comes from the site who claim that sources say they new device will be announced and released quite early this year, and may support motion controls. All of this is as yet unverified, but Apple adding games to the Apple TV could be a good move for the company. After all they’re incredibly popular on other iOS devices.

I doubt we’d see major games like Assassin’s Creed or Call Of Duty offered through Apple TV anytime soon, but the company could go down the route similar to various Android consoles like the Ouya, but allowing the streaming of certaingames too like OnLive did. With the brand power already established then Apple are likely to have any more success than the others mentioned in this article.

Of course we’ll have to wait for any concrete evidence from Apple before we can consider this as true.

Source: 9to5mac



  1. I’ll buy those games for 69p, but no more…

  2. I think it will be mainly whatever is available on the App store. It certainly makes sense for them to follow the Android console’s lead ;)
    Personally, i can’t bring myself to spend money on anything on the App store. I received some iTunes credit as a misguided but well intentioned Christmas gift and i loaded up the store searching for something to buy – but all i ended up with was the free version of Angry Birds Rio, which i played for an hour and haven’t touched since.

  3. The question is would Apple zealots be willing to make this their main console.

  4. An interesting factor in this story, and one not mentioned here, is the recent release of Apple’s Game Controller API. This, along with providing access to the entirety of the iOS App Store, could be another paradigm shift from Cupertino. It would result in a £100 console, from one of the world’s undisputed masters of aspirational consumer technology, that has a proper controller (especially if Apple launch a first party one) with an established and hugely affordable catalogue of literally millions of games, many of which people are already familiar with and enjoy on their iOS devices. Cloud saving, media control, remote streaming, access to productivity software etc. would also come as standard, and many of these things are things that ‘real’ gamers are only just getting.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Apple almost certainly aren’t looking to convert gaming ‘zealots’ away from traditional home consoles. They’re eyeing the millions and millions of established or aspiring iOS device owners who would most likely invest another £100 in Apple TV if it meant giving their households access to a huge range of inexpensive, (sometimes) high quality gaming on their living room TVs.

    I remember when core gamers treated the launch of games on the App Store as the ‘real gaming’ equivalent of Solitaire on Windows. Now the iPhone is the world’s single most popular gaming device. Even my 60 year old father plays video games.

    It pays to never underestimate Apple. Nintendo’s learning that very lesson as we speak.

  5. I just bought an Apple TV last week but I’m not bummed about this.
    I only use it to watch TV shows, rent movies and air play some Twitch TV or Youtube. That’s all I expect it to do (since iTunes runs like shit on my Windows media PC…).

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