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Retailers List A “Sony Gold Wireless” PS4 Headset That’s Not Really Gold

There’s a lack of options if you want a wireless PlayStation 4 headset. Sony hasn’t even patched in support for its own Pulse ear-warmers yet so unless you had the luck or foresight to buy a wireless headset that worked via a USB dongle, you’re strapped for options.

That might be about to change. Best Buy (and Play-asia as well as a couple of other more surprising places) have listed a new wireless headset they’re calling the “Sony Gold Wireless.” Best Buy says it’s stereo while Play-asia lists it as a full 7.1 surround sound unit, which sounds much more attractive for the healthy price they’re listing it at – $129.99. It looks very much like it’s the headset that was leaked during manufacture last month.

I’m not sure why they’re calling it “Gold” when all the images show a rather fetching blue and black colour scheme. This “Gold” headset is close in appearance to the existing PlayStation Pulse but very similar to the PlayStation Stereo Headset too.

All retailers are out of stock, as you’d imagine for a product that hasn’t been announced yet, but they all list it for January or February so we should probably expect to hear something soon. It’s also worth noting that, if this is to launch in February, there’s a strong possibility that the new firmware would need to come beforehand in order for it to work. That’ll be nice.

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  1. I hope the batteries last longer and don’t have to be charged so often.

  2. I’m very tempted to get this. I was Holding out for official Pulse Elite Support but I’ve recently read reports that it isn’t comfortable to wear and the sides crack quite often unless you are super careful all the time.
    This Headset Looks pretty comfortable and it appears to have all the Features I’m looking for: 7.1, wireless, hidden microphone.
    According to Play Asia it says that PS4 Firmware 1.6 is required to use this Headset. I’m guessing this launches alongside the new Firmware, which will probably also patch in Support for existing wireless Headsets.

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