Sony Responds To DualShock 4 Wearing & Tearing

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve asked you to tell us whether or not your DualShock 4 controllers were suffering from wear and tear, even splitting on the edges of the analogue sticks. In the end, our poll gave some quite surprising results.

Of over 6,000 votes, 37.52% of respondents reported some form of wear and tear, with 9.95% suffering from the rubber splitting. Taking those results at face value would indicate that millions of controllers are affected.


We reached out to Sony for a statement on the issue, and their response to our figures was as follows:

A very small number of users have reported to us that the rubber surface of their Wireless Controller DUALSHOCK®4’s analogue sticks have torn.

Although the rubber material of the analogue sticks fulfils our quality assurance standard, we will inspect individual DUALSHOCK®4 controllers experiencing this symptom, and will replace them with new ones for free as long as they are within the warranty.

While we would disagree that practically 1 in 10 controllers is a small number, even taking into account the potential variance of a polling sample, the message here is that if your DualShock 4 suffers from this then you need to exercise your warranty rights. Getting in contact with the retailer you purchased from and/or Sony will enable you to get a free replacement.

For now, it’s business as usual and this is being dealt with on a case-by-case basis. We’ll just have to wait and see whether it develops any further.



  1. It’s a given really that they’ll replace the controllers with chaffed stick-heads within the warranty period provided that there’s no obvious case of misuse, which is commendable.
    The only question I’d have though is with the design standard set for Quality Assurance testing and inspection, I think this area will probably need a redress!

  2. I don’t see why they used different rubber from the stuff on DS3 sticks.

    • Cost

    • You can just replace the sticks yourself. You can even get ps3 sticks, xbox one sticks (which im currently using.). Whatevz you prefer. Its easy.

  3. Hey guys, I made this account just to comment here. I received my ps4 from amazon pre-order on release and my controllers left stick rubber has torn off. I play bf4, cod, fifa, NBA and appx. 20-25 hrs a week.

  4. Well i literally joined just to find reply to this fourm. i bought the ps4 on release date from Target unfortunately after reading this and going to them they said they heard nothing about problems with the controller and nothing from Sony. So i did the next best thing or the best i suppose and called Sony. I must say that they really do exchange controllers and i would not have known without this site. i was seeing premature wears on my sticks till the pieces came off and it was giving me blisters and then there was the problem with the L2 but for a controller to be lasting for at least a year whether your a heavy gamer or not should be expected to say the least. my sticks where wearing down after 2.5 months but spending 100 dollars for COD and then 50 for the PSN online plus tax and the ps4 didn’t really leave me any extra for a another $70 controller besides id like to have a new controller color anyways. Anyhow i got the respond email today saying they are sending me a “Standard DS4 replacement” hopefully not refurbished.

  5. I know it’s an old thread but my DS4 has totally split the rubber now too, bought a second controller with the release PS4 and only one is damaged the other is fine despite equal wear. So contacted sony today with photos of the knackered one. Hope replacement is easy.

  6. Hi,

    My Dualshock4 thumb sticks are torn. I’ve used for 2 years and it’s dissolving, the rubber is running out, and it has a small hole from kontrol freek snapping plastic. Please help me!

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