Harmonix Uses The Music For First Person Shooter Chroma

In August 2012 there was a job advertisement posted by Harmonix for a combat based IP, and now that project appears to have taken shape with free to play FPS title, Chroma. The game is being co-developed with Hidden Path Entertainment who have Counter Strike: GO and Defense Grid 2 under their belt. Harmonix has stressed in the press release that even though this game is free to play, it will not be a pay to win title.


The game’s soundtrack is linked to how the levels function with combat and the stage itself reacting to the music. This works in tune to the beat with stages reacting to Change Ups, that introduce new elements such as raised platforms. Music choices also are reflected within weapon classes and customisation, and it looks like by the press release that the sounds of weapons firing will be those of musical instruments and styles.

In other news the creator of indie title Chroma, Mark Foster, has tweeted that he will be changing the name of his puzzle exploration title though it was a decision unaffected by this reveal.

The Harmonix Chroma looks to be PC only for the time being and there is the opportunity to sign up for the Alpha of the game here.

Source: PR/Youtube/Twitter



  1. Aren’t most games ‘Play to win’ titles? ;-)

  2. Goddamn it, why does it have to be “free”-to-play?

  3. Bloody hell, that’s pretty. I like that. How the hell this fleshes out into a proper game, I can’t begin to comprehend but benefit of the doubt so far. :-)

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