JAW Releases Six New ‘n’ Tasty Screens From The Oddworld

Good lord, my teenage self is salivating. When Abe’s Oddysee first came out on the PlayStation, I saw some images and read some words in one of the magazines of the day and from that moment on, I saved my pocket money so that I could buy a ticket to this strange, colourful world.

Well, I’m saving my pocket money again.


Just Add Water have been beavering away at this for a while now and, as they’re nearing completion, they’ve released a sextuplet of scintillating screenshots for your delectation. It looks like they’ve done a fantastic job of capturing the industrial oppression and the vivid alien vistas that exist within my memory of the original, even if that original was significantly lower in fidelity.

Just look at them. Look:

Source: Oddworld



  1. It’s looking beautiful, such a vibrantly fleshed out world, I imagine the animations are gorgeous too. I think I’ll be getting this on Vita!

  2. I’ll definitely be getting stuck into this on my Vita, lovely stuff.

  3. It’ll definately be gracing the memory card of my Vita, JAW are on a roll with the Oddworld games.

  4. I’ll give a vote to the PS4 version. Even with a 64GB memory card, I’m cautious about what I fill the Vita with.

    And hey, 1080p right? ;-)

  5. Yeah find memories of the original, this looks great

  6. Looks so nice. Can’t wait.

  7. I was just talking about this with my friend yesterday… Any news on when to expect this? My PS4 (+ Vita Remote Play) is ready!

  8. It’s so gorgeous I could diiiiiiie!!
    I will get it for all platforms I own, just to show support for Abe and any upcoming Oddworld projects.

    *Hello! Follow me!*

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