News Snatch: Anomaly 2, Dino Crisis, Flockers And An Excited Bear

Greetings Snatchlings, bit of a quite one today but the big news is acclaimed PC tower defense game Anomaly 2 is coming to PS4. Put your mad skillz to the test in the dynamic tower defense vs. tower offense multiplayer mode and shoot lots of bad things.


Missing Flappy Bird despite the hundreds of clones already out there? Vita owners can pick up a clone entitled Trolly Bird, it’s on the store right now in the PS Mobile section.

Not quite sure this works, but nice singing anyway.

The Official Xbox Magazine UK say a Dino Crisis reboot is in the works and it will be unveiled later in the year.


Mr. Freeze stars in this latest Batman: Arkham Origins DLC. You may recall a slight kerfuffle when Warner Bros. said they were not going to fix any bugs in the game but instead were to concentrate of making DLC. Well, here it is, are you going to buy it?

Team 17 are to reveal their new IP next week and, as the graphic above might have hinted, it’s called Flockers. Titter. Nudge nudge wink wink, etc etc.

Team17 MD Debbie Bestwick said, “This is the most important game we’ve worked on in over a decade.”

The man who never knows when to shut his cakehole is back, ladies and gents. I give you Peter Molyneux!

“I think Fable III was a trainwreck,” he said.

See, told you he doesn’t know when to shut up. At least he goes on to admit he has a problem.

“You’re not seeing someone who’s a brilliant PR person who’s selling ice cubes to the arctic. Last time I was talking about a game feature, I got really excited and said it would be ‘the utopia of game design’, but that’s just me talking with no filter.”

Dark Souls II has been turned in to an 80’s style cartoon.

Former Mob Wives star, Karen Gravano, is suing Rockstar Games for $40 million, claiming the character of Antonia Bottino in Grand Theft Auto V is based on her.

You can check out your (and indeed, anybody elses) Killzone: Shadow Fall stats by sending the Tactical Owl a tweet using the following format:

Reminder: If you have Amazon Prime, you now have LoveFilm for free (at least, for a while), click this link for instuctions on how to get the service on your console.

And Finally, my good friend Bearly Regal is rather excited about a certain game..



  1. Did I miss the Dino Crisis news? Raaaaaaarrr!

    • We’re keeping an eye on it. Nothing confirmed yet.

  2. Ah, Molyneux, how’s Godus doing then? Slipping into obscurity because your PR machine is a bit clapped out? Hmmm.

  3. Anomaly 2 looks pretty fun. I’m a sucker for strategy games so this will be a must have for me!

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