WeView Verdict: Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends, with all of its charm and extremely fun platforming gameplay, naturally proved very popular amongst the TSA community. It’s a game loved almost universally, so it was a very understandable response.

So, if you’re considering buying the game after its recent re-release on PS4 and Xbox One, or just want to see what everyone thinks, read on for a round-up of the comments…


“Rayman Legends is a wonderful game” said Darth Newdar, who played through the game in co-op, which seems to have been the case for a lot of people, saying that it was one of the best co-operative games. The lack of experimentation and twisting up the formula was a problem, and the lack of exclusively co-op levels (at least in everything but the Wii U version) was disappointing.

“It builds on the strong base of Origins with the same beautiful graphics and tight controls.” said mrfodder, who loved the balanced difficulty level. Taylor Made was glad that there was a female character to suit his girlfriend, but didn’t like the touch elements in the Vita version, and the case was very much the same for XisTG.

DividSmythe played it with his kids and with a big smile worn on his face and described it as “a really fun game” while ico described how it “out-Marios Mario” with its “almost perfect” learning curve. Rayman “rocks” according to Lieutenant Fatman and he’d like to see the improvements of the PS4 version, which would allow him to enjoy it in multiplayer too.

It was “a perfect match for the Vita’s beautiful screen” according to rept0n, who loved the musical levels and the “sublime” visuals. Also mentioned was the daily and weekly challenges, which offered “brilliant endless value for money” alongside the near-impossible 8-bit levels.

MrYd left a huge comment, in which he described the game as being easier than, but also much better than, Origins. Towards the end it did get hard though, but it was always your own fault and about trying again.

The invasion levels can get a bit annoying too. But these are extra things you don’t have to do. They should be a challenge. If you want to have dozens of attempts at getting a single, 40 second chunk of a game perfect, they’re ideal. And quite rewarding when you do get it right after all those attempts.

The whole game looks and sounds gorgeous, and there’s far too much to do. If you don’t want to do all the extra bits, and play the same levels over and over again, it might be disappointingly short and easy. But it’s a game designed to be fully explored. And you get two games for the price of one. Sort of.

So, a massively positive response this week leads to nine votes for Buy It, just a singular vote for Bargain Bin It and no votes for Rent It or Avoid It. That’s really good! Dan also pointed out that the game is available on PS4 for just £22 at Amazon, if you’re looking for good prices now.

Poll time! Tomorrow’s featured WeView game is Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, so we’ve naturally replaced it with something a bit different, in the form of Battlefield 4, which should be interesting.



  1. Justice for the platformers. Rayman Origins and Legends are step up bar raisers though, so they do deserve the lavish praise!

    An easy vote for me ‘None of the above’…oh wait!
    None have graced my console yet! {:o

  2. All over it for £22! Enjoyed Origins on PS3 and so desperate for PS4 games. Cheers!

  3. Its an amazing game that’s well worth it.

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