Sony Catches Up With Wii U Sales As They Reach 6 Million PS4s Sold

The PlayStation 4 has been selling at an extremely fast rate. Now that it’s out in Japan, Sony’s latest console has managed to reach 6 million sales.

And while Microsoft are doing a decent job of keeping up, despite having only released in limited territories, it seems as though Sony have already caught up with Nintendo despite their one year head start.


There are no exact figures, but given that Nintendo recently reached 5.86 million Wii U systems shipped, while the 6 million figure refers to PS4s sold through, Sony are definitely boosting ahead, at least until Mario Kart lands.

Other figures include that 90% of PS4s have been activated online, something which is seemingly becoming even more necessary as it becomes commonplace, and that PS4 users account for 20% of Twitch broadcasts, with 3.6 million shows so far. Beyond that, 100 million shares to Twitter and Facebook have occurred so far.

That’s really impressive, and sales can naturally only go up from here.

Source: PS Blog



  1. The bods at Sony will be very happy, they’ve done a great job this time round.

  2. Great sales, I wonder what the % of people getting unfriended due to “100 million shares to Twitter and Facebook have occurred so far” is.

  3. “Sony are definitely boosting ahead, at least until Mario Kart lands.”

    Will this have that big an impact?

    “History has shown us that the first company to reach 10 million in console sales wins the generation battle.”

    Wonder if they’re going to stand by that comment this time round …

    • We may find out later this year…..

    • It didn’t work last time either. Sony overtook them last year although pretty much near the end of the life-cycle (of the PS3/360).

  5. I would just put a point on that to say it’s not selling fast, it’s selling out fast, in my town as I haven’t seen one on a shelf or for reservation in at least 2 weeks, we’ve got the Game depot opposite our offices so we’ve been keeping a lookout on deliveries. Not that I think they would advertise that they are coming in…

    I’ve been helping a mate locate one but he’s settled for the second son bundle out soon as they are guaranteed where as the other SKUs don’t seem to be.

    • Agreed, fella. Stock levels still need to settle in most regions. Sony reckon April time for that.

  6. Sony seems to be reaping the rewards of learning the hard way from the last generation.

    I wasn’t originally sold on the more social aspects of the console but its growing on me.

    • It’s the successful console curse. PS2>PS3, Wii>Wii U, 360>XBO. PS3 turned out fine.

  7. Need more games though.

    • That’s what has stopped me buying a 4, lack of games. I see no reason to buy one when i have my gaming PC, they really do need a killer title to push me into parting with my cash.

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