Serious Sam 4 Lands On PC In Q4, Sam 3 Hits The PSN Soon

According to developers Croteam, Serious Sam 4 will be with us at some point during Q4 of this year. Little is know about the game but it will not include “cowboys or big fluffy creepers.”


The team also say Serious Sam 3: BFE will hitting the PSN sooner “than any of you think.”

The game is with Sony for approval of the finished product so we should have a release date in the near future.

Source: Serious Zone



  1. Looking forward to this on PSN! Glad to see there is a load of good stuff for my old PS3, and I hope it will be better than Duke!

  2. Visually it looks okay but have the Serious Sam games improved any bit over time? I think it was the first one that i played and all i remember is that you would begin a level and every enemy in the entire area would just spam towards you.

  3. I really thought that SS3 had been cancelled for PS3 as the Xbox version released in October 2012. If it’s reasonably priced I may well pick it up.

  4. Not sure about this, I’d loved the first two games, but SS3 just bounced off me for some reason and never got very far with it.. Maybe it suffers from DNF syndrome and its time has passed, like bad 80s action movies.

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