Leaked Footage Claims To Show Scrapped Crash Team Racing Game In Action

What appears to be footage of a cancelled reboot of Crash Team Racing has found its way online, showing off tracks, characters, abilities and vehicle mods. Apparently this game was being made in tandem with Crash Landed, a title that was cancelled in 2010 and slated for a PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii release. There’s no real indication of who passed on the footage to the site Crash Mania, with the recipient keeping quiet, likely at the request of the apparent leaker.

Crash Team Racing 2010  would have apparently supported up to 16 racers on a track, which would have led to a rather large roster, and also contain 12 vehicle mods that could be combined in various ways. Some of those modifications are present in the video, like the crab tires. A whole list of features was also allegedly leaked giving the full mods and items that were supposed to be present.

  • Turbo Engine: An extra speed boost.
  • Bowling Bomb: It had the same exact behavior as in the original CTR: You could roll it and press the item button again to detonate it.
  • TNT: Like in the original CTR, they could be dropped as traps around the track. They were harder to distinguish from item crates in this game due to having the same color.
  • Firefly Bottle: Basically a homing missile that targetted the closest opponent. This item was also an essential tool in Crash Landed that was part of a jet-pack.
  • Bee Hive: Similar to the original CTR‘s Warp Sphere, it sent out bees that slowed down whoever was in first place, along with any others it came in contact with.
  • Clock: It slowed everyone else down, just like in the original CTR.
  • Smoke Drum: It expelled a smoke cloud that slowed down other opponents and made them cough. Additional effects, if any, aren’t clear.
  • Oil Bottle: It dropped a pool of oil that made other karts slide out of control.
  • Standard Tires: Regular tires with no special effects.
  • Crab Tires: At home on the asphalt or sand. These tires loose(sic) no traction on beaches and dunes.
  • Octopus Tires: The suctions cups on these tires allow for driving on smooth VERTICAL surfaces.
  • Blowfish Tires: These tires can be used to race on water.
  • Standard Engine: A regular engine with no special effects.
  • Pig Engine: An engine that belches out flames to boost your speed.
  • Electric Eel Engine: Surging with electricity this engine shocks enemies on contact.
  • Frog Engine: Hop to new heights with this engines(sic) powerful double jump feature.
  • Standard Bumper: A regular bumper with no special effects.
  • Crab Bumper: This greedy kart bumper snatches power-ups and wumpa fruit from other drivers.
  • Warthog Bumper: This heavy weight bumper easily rams aside all other karts with its tusks. (Also good for breaking rocks and other obstacles.)
  • Armadillo Bumper: This bumper rolls into a ball that’s immune to attacks when the brakes are applied.

This is as of yet unverified footage but it does look convincing enough, and looks like it could have been fun. Too bad the plug was pulled because I enjoyed the orignal Crash Team Racing and would have picked this up.

Source: Crash Mania

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  1. Huge shame, this screams old-school turn of the century kart racer and I too loved the original. Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64, Speed Freaks, Crash Team Racing, ahh those were the days.

    • Oh my chirst, Speed Freaks! I was all over that when I was younger! What a game!

  2. Was this cancelled because of Modnation Racers? Crash Team Racing was my all time favourite game, it was quality. What a massive shame.

    Sony, if you are reading this, PLEASE BRING IT BACK !

  3. This doesn’t look anything like the Crash I remember, just saying.

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