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Sony’s New PS4 Ad Campaign Emphasises Sharing Means Caring With Destiny & Watch Dogs

I like the share function on the PS4 and I’ve used it quite often to post screenshots on Twitter of the games I’ve been playing, as well as using it to stream gameplay via Twitch. I can see from my own virtual social circle that the Share feature is very popular thing. Now Sony is pushing a new advertising campaign which focuses on this feature using Watch Dogs and Destiny, while accompanied by a song that highlights sharing means caring.

It’s quite the juxtaposition as a happy guy sings about sharing while Aidan and the Destiny characters creating quite a lot of violence. It’s an interesting way for Sony to show off the Share functionality and I quite like it.

Source: Youtube.


  1. O just love the “Playstation” at the end of each ad :D

  2. Hmm, something fishy there… How can Watch Dogs look so much better in that footage compared to the story trailer last week?!

    Bring on Destiny though! Can’t wait for the beta to start…

    • Yeah something is definitely up with Watchdogs graphics, the neogaf forums are up in arms over the quality of that story trailer.

  3. Still to share

  4. If Sony ever sees fit to include G+ integration then I may one day find a use for the share button, until then it’s just taking up space on the controller.

  5. I’ve noticed you like the share button Aran, because it annoys the hell out of me on twitter. Not because I don’t like looking at your photos but because it makes me want the PS4 more and more everytime and I can’t warrent the cost just now.

  6. I think while it still lacks YouTube integration, this will be an under-used feature. They don’t even need that, if you had an internal system, like a ‘channel’ for your PSN profile where you can upload screens and videos, that’d be much more popular in my opinion.

    I don’t wanna have to use Facebook and Twitter

  7. The 15 min recording feature never works properly for me. It’s supposed to keep a rolling 15 mins that is saved when you hit share. I usually just get the first 15 mins or a random section of footage, instead of the bit I want.

    I agree that only sharing videos to facebook is a bit limited, especially as the quality is poor.

    If you want the best quality screenshot files, send them to another account in a message, then view the message on the phone app and save out the image. It’s a faff but the images in messages use much less compression than an image sent to facebook or twitter.

    A shame you can’t send videos in messages.

  8. The share function annoys me somewhat, as I don’t use Facebook or Twitter it is of very little use to me.
    I remember stealthing the last level of KZ and thought, right I’ll upload that to the masses cause it might help out others.
    No chance, so a waste of time for me really, shame :(

  9. Ah I see, as you prob noticed, I’m kinda new here, although I’ve been visiting for years. I must have a look at that when I get home later.
    Must say though, love this site, very informative and really nice atmosphere.

    • Welcome… Say hello to Optimus for me.

      • Thanks, that’s fantastic, I used to mod a Villa forum under that tag! How do you know that? Is it the avatar? It can’t be!!

      • Optimus Villain to be precise :)

    • Welcome aboard, those are the reasons i joined a few years ago and have kept coming back. Keep an eye out for the next TSA Plus point comp – there’s time yet to make your mark/upset the leaderboard! ;-)

      • Cheers I’m not sure how that works yet, but I’ll look into it, on my phone at the mo.
        Btw ps tag sparks1 if anyone wants to add.

  10. Speaking of ad’s… what’s with the Titanfall ad’s that keep popping up whenever I view the site. Never had this before today. Have you guys merged with IGN or something?

    • Also I get a pop up on my phone when I’m here sometimes saying tsa says I have a virus do I want to clean it!! I presumed it is something on my phone but I’ve scanned it and nothing, what’s that all about? It only happens on here!

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