Tearaway And The Last Of Us Win Big At The Video Game BAFTAs

The 2014 BAFTAs have just finished and Sony have done exceedingly well with five wins for Last of Us and another three for Tearaway. Nintendo and Microsoft, despite nominations for Forza 5 and Super Mario World 3D , came away with nothing.

Indies did fairly well with wins for Papers, Please and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and Gone Home, but Badland missed on all the categories it was nominated for. Here is a full list of the winners:

  • Action & Adventure: The Last of Us
  • British Game: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Music: Bioshock Infinite
  • Story: The Last of Us
  • Strategy & Simulation: Papers, Please
  • Artistic Achievement: Tearaway
  • Audio Achievement: The Last of Us
  • Sport: FIFA 14
  • Family: Tearaway
  • Game Innovation: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
  • Mobile and Handheld: Tearaway
  • Ones to Watch: Size Does Matter
  • Game Design: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Multiplayer: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Debut Game: Gone Home
  • Best Game: The Last of Us
  • Performer: Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us)
  • BAFTA Fellowship: Rockstar

What do you think of the winners?


  1. Would have liked to have seen Stanley for Game Innovation, but otherwise expected and deserved.

  2. To be honest, Indies have done incredibly well (in my eyes) as they featured in so many categories. Something, I feel, just wouldn’t have happened a few years ago.

    Good viewing from start to finish (and enjoying it with AG2297 and Hannypoppie in the Skype call with me).

  3. Gta winning best British game made me smile… Not sure about best multiplayer, but to be fair nothing else comes to mind in that category.

    And from this, I really should get around to playing TLoU.

    • I don’t know if it was nominated, but if it were up to me I would have given best multiplayer to The Last of Us too.

  4. Who decides these things??

    The Last of Us certainly deserves some of the awards. It looks and sounds great, and has an incredibly well written story and some good performances from the actors. But the actual gameplay itself isn’t really that great. Did someone decide all those good bits about it are somehow more important than how the thing plays? Not sure how it wins best game (and it’s not the first time it’s done that, is it?)

    I could agree on Bioshock Infinite winning the music award though. Another game that looks and sounds great, with a stupidly amount of detail to it’s world. But very disappointing gameplay. And a story which borders on being complete bollocks.

    GTAV probably deserves lots of awards though. Just for Trevor, really.

    Come to think of it, if my theory is that a single character can justify a game deserving lots of awards (even unrelated ones), then why didn’t Ni No Kuni win anything? It had Mr Drippy in! “Lord high lord of the fairies” is only partly a description that could apply to Trevor.

    • Yeah me and my hipster friends like to go to starbucks and talk about how overrated The Last of Us is too.

      • invite me next time phizzy(mines a moccha) i didnt get the whole last of us hype train.
        granted it was good but not as good ppl make out it to be!

    • Opinions brah, how do they work?

    • I thinks TLOU is by far a better deserving winner than GTA, GTA sucked, I’m shocked it even got an award especially for the MP that was broken to start with, Trevor got annoying after a few play through so annoying I don’t bother with GTA.

  5. Typical Brits, handing out awards to their own. Tearaway and GTA are fantastic, but I don’t think they deserve all that. Opinions, I know. I still don’t have to like it.

    Ni No Kuni should win best music, not friggin Bioshock. And Mario should have gotten best family game.

    GTA as best multiplayer? Still doesn’t have heists, the one thing we all wanted from it.

    And where’s the innovation in swedish Brothers? Moving separate characters with each stick?

    (I probably come off way angrier than I am)

    • But Mario is a rehash game with a twist to a level, Tearaway deserves family win, it was unique & not a rehash

      • But you can’t even play Tearaway with your family! And Mario is not a simple rehash, it’s filled with inventive level design, amazing music, great visuals and brilliant multiplayer. When was the last multiplayer 3D Mario? Yeah, exactly.

  6. GTA V multiplayer won an award?!
    Did EA win best publisher as well?

  7. The Last Of Us and Tearaway are my two favourite games from the last year. Well done to both.

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