Valve Has Unveiled A Redesign Of The Steam Controller


Back in September Valve finished off its week of announcements with the unveiling of the Steam controller, which included two trackpads, a touchscreen in the middle and a few buttons. It was met with a mixed reception with some praising the design, while others didn’t like the lack of buttons. Well this reception sent Valve back to the drawing board, and they’ve revealed a newer version of the pad.


This new Steam controller adds in a traditional D-Pad as well as the four button configuration on the right hand side, which is the standard for most controllers. The two trackpads are still part of the controller, which I guess means Valve is allowing the player to decide which control layout they prefer. The touchscreen seems to have disappeared completely replaced with a Steam button, as well as two other buttons.

I personally prefer this updated version purely because it does present the best of both worlds, and gives a choice to the individual on how to play. No idea if you can use a trackpad/button combo though which would be interesting. What do you think of it?

Source: Engadget



  1. I like the edition of the traditional buttons, but in a way it makes me think has it lost some of its innovative? Obviously the track pads are the main feature, but surely they could have kept the touch screen?

    The first model looks a bit sleeker to me as well.

    And is it just me or do those buttons say A,B,X,and Y?

    • The face buttons are the same as on Xbox, probably because most PC games with controller support are based on the 360 controller. This means on-screen button prompts won’t need to be changed.

  2. It looks sleeker and glossier and less prototype-ey than the original with those horribly angular buttons around the touch screen.
    And like cnutard has spotted they are somewhat curiously using the A,B,X,Y configuration.

  3. I quite like the minimalist look of the original but I think the buttons will work better.

  4. I don’t know what you lot are seeing that am not but this pad is awful, My God it’s a sin

    • I agree with you. that is far from a traditional D-pad and is just four buttons with directions printed on them. that will be uncomfortable to use

    • yep it looks horrible.

  5. This new iteration looks slightly higher in build quality, but I’m still not sure on the inverted trackpad things, I’d guess I’d need to hold it in person.

    Still can’t help but think that this was designed with a hipster mentality and is different for Tue sake of being different.

  6. While I guess there’s a certain familiarity having buttons there, I would have liked to have seen how well the touch screen worked, and it would have been nice to see something different.

  7. Not a very comfortable looking controller in my opinion, but an improvement on the original bizarre design.

  8. For me, I don’t like the redesign, getting rid of the touchscreen is getting rid of one of the things that set it apart from other controllers, and one of the reasons why Valve thought their controller, and not the Xbox 360 controller would work better with strategy and MMO esque titles

  9. I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight after seeing that abomination eeeugh :#

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