News Snatch: Project Morpheus, PSASBR, The Witcher 3 And Chun Li Is Jealous

A rather frivolous Snatch today with a helluvalotta videos, starting with the new Linkin Park song “Guilty All The Same” which features a video made entirely in Project Spark.


Linkin Spark, if you will. Aha!

These cute Beyond: Two Souls costumes are now available for LittleBig Planet 2.

A teaser for Tropico 5, which is heading to PS4 later this year.

Insomniac celebrate twenty years of making games with a song. Perhaps a cake would have been a better idea.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed until February 2015 as there is “less competition”. The team also think the delay will improve the effectiveness of the marketing campaign targeted at aware gamers rather than random gift-buyers and result in a better, more polished game.

Some rather clever driving in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Got an hour and feeling geeky? Here’s the full Project Morpheus presentation from GDC.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts next-gen upgrade will cease to be on offer after March 31st, so if you have plans to do a sneaky upgrade, do it now.

Human Element, the new game from ex-CoD chap Robert Bowling, is coming to next-gen. It’s a survival game set a few years after the (yawn) zombie apocalypse.

Something is going on with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and it just keeps on popping up on the sidelines of my news-o-sphere. Why is this game, which let’s be honest is rather old and did not sell that well, getting a “massive patch” and word that fans’ patience will “pay off”?

I have three possibly theories:

  1. It’s coming to PlayStation Plus.
  2. It’s coming to PS4.
  3. There is a sequel in the works.

If there is a sequel, can Sony give it to Netherealm and make it an 18+  rated game please?

A short but impressive Deus Ex: Human Revolution fan film.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight – nope, me neither – gets a launch trailer…

… as does Destiny of Spirits on PS Vita.

And Finally, and slightly NSFW, Chun Li is JEALOUS!



  1. Maybe with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale they are added the characters that were cancelled. One can only hope.

  2. The Chun Li move on the woman chilling out with friends at the camp in the woods is superb! :-)

    • I prefer the car ride at the 1:00 mark when the air bags pop out. ;-)

  3. Thanks for reminding me about the Ghosts PS4 upgrade, I should probably do that as that’s one of the few games I’d play on a PS4 right now if I had one.

    I forgot Tropico 5 was coming out soon, glad to see the sense of humour hasn’t changed!

  4. There’s a lot of running in the dark in that Linkin Park video – the song’s alright but I’m not entirely sure if it’s supposed to make you go “Wow! Look what I can make in Project Spark!” because it didn’t have that affect on me… If I was Mike Shinoda I’d also be asking why you’ve brought in a guest rapper and not given me any parts to sing. Actually maybe I wouldn’t…

    Destiny Of Spirits is interesting and I’ll download it to have a look, but from what I can tell it requires you to go places, which given that I work and live in the same place probably limits its effectiveness!

  5. Holy fucking shit at that Deus Ex fan film. Amazing.

    Also, that Chun Li video is golden. Golden I tell ye.

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