Dirt, Bikes And Dubstep Welcome MXGP In This Trailer

I’ll be totally honest, I haven’t heard of any of the people they’re calling out in this trailer. But then, I don’t follow the Motorcross scene at all. That doesn’t stop me from feeling a pang of nostalgia for some of the mud-hopping motorcycle games I remember playing in days gone by though, and MXGP looks like it will scratch that previously undiscovered itch.


It’s the official motocross game and you might have missed the fact that it’s out today for PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Vita. We’ve got a review in the works but we’re waiting until we can spend some time with the multiplayer side of things.



  1. I’ve tried quite a few motorcross games over the years but have never found one to my liking, this doesn’t seem to be much different from the last one.

    • I’ve tried a few and enjoy them but you can’t beat a good Quad racer….PURE was class!

  2. I’ve got last years on Vita and it’s really quite good.

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