News Snatch: Dragon Age: Inqusition, Alien: Isolation And Skyscraper Tetris

Lots of videos and not much time today so you will have to excuse the briefness of today’s Snatch. I promise to try harder next time!


Let us start with this screenshot from Dragon Age: Inqusition which looks like a photograph, only the rather pointy rock formation on the right gives it away.

A quick look at Cell Damage HD which is coming all of the PlayStations quite soon.

Tetris played on a skyscraper, as you do.

Tropico 5 is launching on the PC on May 25th, console versions will follow thereafter. In other release date news, Ethan: Meteor Hunter hits PS Vita on 15th April in the States and the day after for Europe.

Two more characters for Transformers Universe, say hello to Shellshock…

…and Catapult.

There is also a new gameplay trailer as well.

The sound design in the Alien films borders on genius and Creative Assembly are doing their best to recreate the same feeling of terror in Alien: Isolation.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games have got their mitts on a VR headset and shoved a laptop in a backpack so they could walk around and play wirelessly.

Cellar Door Games would like to know your opinions, Tweet them back!

We’re going to need a bigger boat in Battlefield 4.
Pure Chess will be making its move on to PlayStation 4 on 15th April 2014 in the US and 16th April 2014 in Europe.
Can you guess what the Z in Z-Run stands for? Yes you probably can, and the game is coming to PS Vita next month.

And Finally, it’s Game of Thrones night for those who didn’t stay up to silly o’clock to watch it, so here is Sansa Stark singing and she’s damn good. Watch out for a special Hodor rap as well.


  1. I’m not so sure the Pointy rocks are such a giveaway on the Dragon Age screenshot. I’ve seen some pretty pointy rock formations in real life in my time……

  2. The shark in BF4 is awesome ! :D Are you killed when hit by it ?

  3. Z-Run will never be installed on my beloved Vita!!

    • Same as that mate, it looks like a poor mobile game at best to me. No doubt it will cost the best part of a tenner too.

  4. Why would you walk around with a VR set when you still have to use the left stick to move around? And he was lucky he turned around before he met the corner of that table! :)

  5. ahahahah, that Game of Thrones vid made my day :)
    here’s another one in return:

  6. It might just be my YouTube, but it looks like dear Sansa is miming like a mother-bitch.

  7. Tetris on a skyscraper! I was a little confused because why would he have to walk around with the VR headset? Other than that Transformers Universe is a hard pass in my opinion.

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