The Crew Does A Bit Of Sight Seeing In New Trailer, Confirms Autumn 2014 Release

Ubisoft’s The Crew has a new trailer out showing off in game footage of cars driving around various locales across the United States. While it’s titled as a gameplay trailer it’s more of a teaser trailer that happens to use the same graphics that will appear in The Crew, and it does look very nice. The trailer also confirms that The Crew will be out this year in Autumn at some point, though we’re likely not to learn when until E3 and beyond.

It’ll be an ambitious game looking to include the entire continental United States, albeit condensed, as an area to drive in without any loading times if you decide to drive from one side of the country to the other. I can already imagine the hijinks that will be caused with a group of friends all driving together, sometimes working together, and other times competing with each other. It’s one of my anticipated titles after I got to play a little at EGX last year.

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  1. Really excited for this one. I think the ideas behind it’s gameplay make this a much more ‘next gen’ game than something like DriveClub. Hope it’s a success and we see other games take up the same model, particularly a skateboarding game!

  2. While driving games sit in my top 3 genres, I like to play them in single player mode.

    So regardless of that trailer looking pretty, I cannot see me buying it as I have zero interest in social networks.

  3. At last we have a release window for it.

  4. As you mentioned ‘more of a teaser’ rather than gameplay which would have been nice. It still looks like it has lots of potential though. I’m on the same side of the divide as Sad Panda in that i prefer my racing games to be single player so if there’s not much in there for solo play i’ll give it a miss. Only racer i’ve been anything other than rubbish at online was Pure on the 360!

  5. More of a “ground texture” trailer than a sightseeing one. Oh well, still looks very, very promising.

  6. After the devs came out yesterday and actually said they are aiming for parity across all systems, I’m avoiding this game like the plague.

    If they aren’t willing to put 100% effort into the advantages that other systems can offer, then I won’t be buying it. That means the PC and PS4 versions will be held back by the Xbox One versions, just for the sake of parity. Absolute bullshit.


    • To be fair, they’re aiming for it but won’t actually achieve it. What concerns me is if they do a patch to then unlock the frame-rate on the PS4 later on. Perhaps devs are finding a way for the Xbox One to equal the power of the PS4 and parity is a good thing. Sadly, that’s probably not true and that the PS4 version might be a little gimped because of the X1.

      However, my hope is on the word “aiming”. For example, in a Q&A they did, the frame-rate on the PC won’t be restricted.

      Okay… I could go on with the conjecture, so I really want to see what they do! Hopefully it’ll be relatively similar across the platforms but with each one playing to its own strengths.

      • It’s MS’s fault their is such a power difference. Only lazy developers will cater to the weakest platform and not exploit strengths of the more powerful ones.

        There is no physical way the Xbox One can close the gap that the PS4 has on it, unless they release a new Xbox One model with updated hardware. It’s down to the core of the hardware, and it is impossible for that gap to close. There can be improvements, sure, such as if they properly utilise the cloud and DX12, but they cannot fully close the gap which is set in stone due to hardware.

        I’d have liked MS to make a console that was as powerful as the PS4, as that then means better looking multiplatform games all, but I can’t help but feel that the Xbox One is gimping and restricting certain multiplatform games – especially when a developer comes out and says they are aiming for parity. That is utter shit.

        Hopefully (as it still has quite some time until release) they decide to take advantage of the PS4’s extra power, and also take advantage of more powerful PC’s. The gap is clearly there, so put it to some good use (like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes did).

      • Aye, fella. Agreed. I’ve been reading about how they could potentially close the gap a smidge but it’s ultimately gimped this generation. Hopefully, only for itself.

        The other thing we can hope for is that it’s parity is for functionality within the game as oppose to performance. Saying that, with them mentioning frame-rate and resolution, it doesn’t bode well.

        I suppose, when it comes down to it, if it’s a good game it’s a good game. I’ll get it for whatever platform I fancy. However, the people that are truly annoyed by this (when the games actually launch) need to send a clear message to Ubisoft or they’ll keep on avoiding any truly fancy bits and bobs that a more powerful console would enjoy.

      • I’m tempted to avoid it purely if they stick to their guns about aiming for parity to be honest, but the final nail in the coffin is that they have also announced microtransactions for The Crew. Not just aesthetic ones either, but microtransactions for different performance parts of the vehicle, thus making your vehicle faster, more easier to drive etc. This is very alarming, especially when you consider that it is an online only game (with a heavy emphasis on competitive racing). This is effectively pay to win, and it isn’t even a free to play model. It’s implemented in a £50 release. Unforgivable.

        As well as that, they have announced that even if you are playing on your own in solo mode, that if you lose your internet connection, you will get kicked back to the title screen.

        So, this game has the following:

        1. Forced parity.
        2. Pay to win microtransaction model in a damn £50 release.
        3. Always online DRM.

        It just keeps getting worse and worse. It’s a genuine shame too, as this game really appealled to me. Unfortunately, there’s not a chance on earth that I can actually buy and support it now.

      • This parity thing does annoy me too. Luckily I can quite happily plod along playing Battlefield for another year as the only games I’m particularly looking forward to are all exclusives… Driveclub, The Order and whatever Naughty Dog grace us with. Hopefully they’ll all be pushing the pS4 to the max.
        I will indulge in some cross platform titles, but I’ll certainly be doing my research first.

      • Your point 2. has me thinking “ah, maybe not for me”. Bugger.

  7. Can any1 eles name the artist featured in this trailer? I was super suprised to hear ANYTHING I listen to in mainstream media. ( Glob I hope New Retro Wave doesnt blow up like DubStep did!)

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