Sky TV Services Coming To PS4 This Summer

Sky TV’s “Go” and “Now TV” services are heading to Sony’s PS4 from this summer, the companies have announced.

Sky Go – currently available on Xbox 360 – allows Sky subscribers to watch a wide selection of the broadcaster’s live programming at no extra cost, and will be out later in the year. Now TV, which is primarily a streaming service for Sky’s Movies, Sports and catch-up TV shows, and utilises rolling payment plans, is due a little sooner however – meaning we’ll all have something to watch in the summer months when the BBQ’s rained off and the footy’s over all too soon. Hooray.


Full disclosure: As I write this post I’m watching Disney’s Brave on a Now TV box. Exciting, right? Anyway…

Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara has said Now TV – available to PS3 users since last year – makes “a great addition to the PlayStation 3 entertainment portfolio” and as such believes that “bringing it to the new PS4 is going to delight all users of the newest, most powerful member of the PlayStation family.”

“Sky Go joining both PlayStation platforms further enhances our credentials as the ultimate gaming and entertainment package” he said.

Although Microsoft’s platforms remained unmentioned originally, a Sky Spokesperson has today told Eurogamer that Now TV will be coming to the Xbox One “by summer” and that they will also “consider any future opportunities for Sky Go”.

All together now: “TV, TV, TV, Sports, Sports, Sports.”

Source: PR / MCV.



  1. Sky go on ps4? That excites me very much!

  2. About time, i thought microsoft had a deal with sky go though?

    • Yes. And then PS4 kicked XB1s ass in sales. Sky arent ones to stay loyal to anyone, they go where the veiwers are.

  3. I was under the believing it would be sooner than this. I really haven’t got the room for Ps3 any more. Although I have been playing my Ps3 a bit lately. I know the kids are itching to get Ps3 in there room. I think Now TV is the best of all subscription services.

    • Pick up a cheap Now TV box in the meantime perhaps? Less power hungry and not as valuable as the PS3 either!

  4. I’d rather have 4od itv and youtube players before I end up with yet another subscription model icon on my XMB that I will never use.

    • Hopefully they will make it download only. Amen to the others though.

  5. Weren’t there supposed to be around twenty new tv apps coming to PS4 beginning in the spring? Hopefully we’ll see some of them soon.

    • No doubt they’ll be coming soon too.

  6. Good and Bad for me. I had been trying to get sky onto my projector screen without having another subscription, but as they block it through their own Apple TV i gave up trying a work around and got their Multi Screen option costing £11.25. Only put in last month and have to have the subscription for 12 months!!

    Oh well at least the pic quality will be better than Sky GO but this is great news for all those wanting access to this service!!!

    • * don’t know why I put “their own Apple TV” – Sky does not = Apple doh

  7. I want BT sport on PlayStation please.

  8. Does anyone know if Now is more expensive or cheaper than the closest Sky addon equivalent? I’m tempted by Sky movies, sort of.

    • £9 a month for the movies bit on Now TV. So quite cheap and good value.

    • Sports is £9.99 for 24 hours access, Movies are £9.99 (30 days) and the Entertainment (TV-ish) package is £6.99 for the same period.

      You can find codes for all these packages on eBay if you want to save a few £ though.

      • I have Movies and Entertainment on Now TV. Its the best bits of Sky, without the shite (no shopping channels), without adverts and on demand.

  9. This is fantastic news. I’ve just started using Sky Go on my iPad, and have been wanting to move it across to the big screen! Game of Thrones just isn’t the same when the breasts aren’t lifesized.

  10. Technically British summertime began at the end of March so they’re late. Can’t wait for this.

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