Sony Reveal More PS4 & Vita Indie Games Than You Can Shake A Stick At

As Big Ben struck the midnight hour, Sony were busy at their San Mateo HQ, unveiling a whole host of new Indie games that are set to make their way to the PS4 and PS Vita.

While the proliferation of Indie titles on Sony’s consoles isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m expecting at least three comments decrying the lack of triple-A releases, they have offered a lot of variety to the later years of the PS3 – strangely left out of almost all of these announcements – and the fledgling catalogue of games on Vita and PS4. This latest collection sees 12 new additions to that collection.


As announced by the PlayStation Blog, they are as follows

There’s some fascinating games in there, from the couch multiplayer 2D swordfighting of Nidhogg to the rather arresting visual style of Apotheon and the impressive scope of Source’s 3D Metroidvania-inspired adventure.

Rather than just tell you about them, which would take quite a while, check out the swathe of trailers that accompanied the announcements.



  1. Apotheon and Source look interesting. The rest…..

  2. I can shake a lot of sticks you know……..

    • I think Chasm and source will residing on my PS4 when they are released…

  3. Where are all the AAA releases!!!…;-)

    1 down 2 to go

  4. Drifter and Source look very interesting.
    Drifter looks very similar to Elite and I’d be very happy to get in to some late night mining.

    • And Freespace, which isn’t a bad thing.

  5. Starwhal: Just The Tip, what a name! It’s got local mp, which is enough to interest me.

  6. What is it with these indie games, thats all you gt on the VITA these days. I dont pay top notch for high end consoles and held helds for these sorts of games. Bring on the AAA titles. I have not seen a Vita game of interest since Killzone.

    • May aswell throw away that Vita then. Times have changed.

      • Really, when the Vita was announced it was plugged as a machine for hardcore gamers to play AAA titles on the go, hence twin sticks?? Thats what i bought it for.

  7. Source (the only video i can watch at work) looks great!

    • Watched the rest of the videos last night and i reckon i’ll be interested in at least half of those.

  8. Very nice games. I hope Sony are not under the impression this makes the PS4 the best thing since sliced bread though. We all know why people have bought an 8 core APU beast of a console, and it isn’t just for indie games.

  9. Source looks great. Not fussed about the others.

    • And Apotheon too. I still don’t understand the love of pixalated games these days.

      • Here here.A ZX Spectrum could do better than Niddhogg.

  10. Well you’ve got 2 of your anticipated comments above, so here’s the third.
    I didn’t buy a very powerful, quite expensive state of the art home console to play such games. Give me my AXA.
    Thing is, that’s actually my opinion too. Sure indies can be quirky and fun, but they’re an aside. We need the big releases with these to complement them.

    • I reckon a lot of triple A game announcements are being held back for E3, not too long to wait now.

      • I hope so. I’m in the same camp as Tony… These indie games are great for a 10-30min diversion but that’s not why I invested £400 in a PS4. Since I finished inFamous my DS4 has, quite literally, been gathering dust, and it’s a very sad sight to behold :-(

        Worse still, the missus is questioning it too…
        “You know that console you blew £400 on a month before Xmas… Why dyou never play it now?!”


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