Community Chronicle: 18/05/14

So I’ve decided that L1 is my favourite button. I think its general utility speaks for itself, having long been used for aiming down sights in first person shooters on PS3, and now used for more diverse functions. However, these aren’t the real reasons why I like it so much. No, I’m afraid I’m not going to tell you why, right now.

This would be the point where I give a great big wink to the camera, if I were on camera.


I’m sure you all know what the biggest topic of the week is; Microsoft announced the Kinect-less Xbox One on Tuesday. While we all expected some move from the company to try and bolster sales, many didn’t expect this announcement to come until E3 and there are plenty who would have expected a price drop rather than removing one of the key components to the console’s sales pitch.

Many were happy to point to the number of points Microsoft had changed their minds on in the last year, but Jones81 questioned the effect this would have in consumer trust, not to mention that the “big problem they now have is convincing devs to support it. The install base is too low for that to happen on a large scale and there won’t be many devs looking to make any games designed specifically around Kinect, so it’s just going to be basic stuff like certain voice/gesture commands tacked onto games that just dont need it.”

Andrewww, on the other hand, thinks this is absolutely the right move:

I’m actually surprised how quickly MS is acting now. Maybe that’s due to new people being in control. It’s definitely a good change of strategy.

They took the wrong decision on this one, thinking they could sell loads of unwanted hardware to customers and profit. Maybe they were too sure of their market position after last gen. I thought it was quite obvious that Kinect as well as Move were just trying to rip off Nintendo’s ideas in the wrong market. It worked for the casual crowd, but most core gamers were never able to name a single motion-controlled game which was more than a party joke.

Alongside a 2015 release date announcement for Halo 5, Microsoft now have two major talking points out of the way ahead of E3, which should hopefully mean they’ve got some big and exciting things planned!

The same can be said of Ubisoft, who also dropped the news of Far Cry 4 a few weeks ahead of E3. Leaving behind the island-based shenanigans for the more mountainous Himalayas, with what seems like another warlord on the loose, it looks like it’s going to bring more of what people enjoyed so much from Far Cry 3 to the table.

Not everyone’s excited for this though, with Steelhead saying, “For me Far Cry 3 was one of the most overrated game of the past-gen.”

AddictedAndy also disliked the notion of killing wild animals for upgrades, which wasn’t present in Far Cry 2, the last game he played in the series. He said, “If the game does include that then I won’t give them my money, it would be incredibly poor taste, in my opinion.” This was a point that sparked a lively little debate about the general acceptance of killing humans in games.

Finally, there was bad news for employees at Future Publishing, who have struggled in recent times through ever-declining magazine sales and being unable to adapt their business model. Almost all parts of the company, regardless of the subject matter, are under review and we could see some quite drastic changes, such as shutting down Edge magazine and Computer and Video Games, both major and well respected parts of the games industry.

Hazelam got all nostalgic for CVG’s longstanding history:

As a long time gamer who remembers the early days of the C&VG magazine, this is pretty sad news. The C&VG name has survived for over thirty years, throughout all the changes in the industry, when other magazines shut down, and even once a physical magazine wasn’t profitable anymore, there was still the website.

Computer and Video Game, then C&VG, then finally CVG have been there for about as long as I’ve been gaming.

Anyway, hopefully the staff can find work elsewhere. Next to these people losing their jobs my nostalgia isn’t really important.

With a 45 day consultation period, there’s still a slim hope for some parts of the company survive. Fingers crossed.


As if by magic, you all seem to have been collecting trophies and earning platinums for games left right and centre, this week!

We’ll start off Steelhead, simply because he commented first on What We Played, saying that he finished playthroughs of Half Life 2 Episode 1 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. I really should try and get round to playing Brothers at some point…

Pixel_nme nabbed himself the inFamous: Second Son platinum, for his second on his new account, while element666 earnt his for South Park: Stick of Truth and is closing in on that of The Amazing Spider-man 2, too.

I’ve never heard of it, but DividSmythe claims that the platinum he got in Megamind was “super hard” to get, but I do know that the God of War platinum is a tricky one to get, as the freshly rebranded JustTaylorNow has posted a record for the PS Vita release of the game. H should be close to grabbing a record for the second one, too.

Speaking of records, Lyts1985 has been feverishly working away at Final Fantasy X HD since its release, putting in 170 hours of game time over the last 7 weeks to bag himself the platinum and claiming the record. He’s quite sensibly going to take a break before trying to tackle FFX-2.

Crazy_Del is back in the saddle too, getting to the Red Dead Redemption platinum just ahead of the upcoming server takedown. He’s also getting really quite close to Bulletstorm’s.

However, we’ll finish with Youles, who I think has had a little bit too much time on his hands recently. I think we’ll put his achievements in bullet points:

  • Sounds Shapes DLC (on PS3, Vita and PS4) restored to 100%
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition platinum
  • 100% PlayStation Home trophies
  • Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition platinum
  • Dead Nation PS Vita DLC trophies, closing in on platinum

He’s got plenty more simmering away, as he plans to 100% both The Last of Us and Call of Duty: Ghosts’ latest DLC trophies before Watch_Dogs and Borderlands 2 Vita land on his doormat!


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  1. I’m confused as to why my trophies aren’t going up on here. I’ve earned 3,862 in y total b but the amount on this leaderboard hasn’t gone up for ages :-(
    Any advice? I’ve signed in to the website, done the update trophy card thing and everything.

    • I wouldn’t worry about it it, anyone with a ‘zero’ trophies earned on the board is likely in the same position. I got my 80th plat a while back and have 70-odd trophies more than the leaderboard states.

      It’s probably an old list that’s been submitted by mistake which is easy enough to do with the other leaderboards having a big involvement.

      Of course it could be that PSN is being a dick again as it was the other week when trying to sync trophies for half an hour and only getting to 50% complete!

    • I’ve checked your trophy card ( ), and it still says 3832, not 3862…

      It could well be that Sony have screwed around with things so that the trophy cards that AIR looks at aren’t being updated properly, though there are several people who have updated over the last few weeks.

    • I know that a log in is still required on the PlayStation Website as it doesn’t actually auto update. That’s how I update my card anyway, just a log in, nothing more.

    • You have to log in and click on my portable ID, it should then update from there.

      • Pretty odd system as the update portable id. button was removed during the last revamp yet remains active on the US website.
        I tend to log onto the nippy US website due to time and patience constraints involved with logging onto the EU website :P

      • Will give that a go as I finally earned my 4th platinum ages ago.

      • Tried the EU website today and it just doesn’t work….0 friends online? then on the US website 15 friends online.

        EU website, pile ‘o shite revamped.
        US website, works according to upgraded designed and improved with revamp.

        Also the US website is a damn sight quicker to actually log onto!

      • *design

  2. Thanks for the mention. Megamind is from the movies, his a Dreamworks character. The film is quite funny but game is really easy, probably the easiest platinum out there really or can anyone think of easier?

    • Apart from a couple of tricky sections Terminator Salvation can be platted very quickly. I did it in about 4 hours.

      • Nice one. I’ve just ordered it. I’ve always swerved away from TS as I don’t like terminator by rule but love platinums at the moment. So I’ll give it ago.

  3. For anyone interested, GAMEtronics are offering £45 for X1 Kinects. Not sure if regular Game stores are aswell. A decent price I think.

  4. Congrats on the achievements people.

  5. I need to update mine as I have 212 Platinums now thanks to Bulletstorm xD
    Well done one everyone’s accomplishment.

    @DividSmythe CSI and Green Lantern both quick and easy to Platinum. Of course there are other Disney games too like Rango, Cars, Toy Story and dare I say…. Hannah Montana lol!

    • Congrats on your plat count.

      Thanks for the advice funnily enough I got Hannah Montana last week I’m not sure if I can play it myself, if I can do it I think I’ll have to mute TV with Joy division playing in the background. I know it’s going to be the most painful few hours of my life.

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