ProjectV1 Is Allegedly Coming To Every Current Platform, No One Knows What It Is

Project V1 will be revealed to the world in nine days, if a countdown on a mysterious website is to be believed.



4Gamers have also received a package shipped from Belgium containing the logo, the date and the words “He is coming.”

Who is he? No idea and it appears the internet has no clue either, not a single snippet of information has leaked out, but best guess so far is a reboot of Viewtiful Joe.

Whatever it is, the source code on the ProjectV1 website suggests the game (if it is a game) is coming to “PS4, PS3, Xbox360, XboxONE, PSvita, 3DS, PC, Wii and WiiU.”

Source: ProjectV1



  1. Viewtiful Joe meets The Ring.

    • LEGO Halo V if the helmet is anything to go by.

  2. We need more of this. Games we know nothing about.
    Hope its something interesting!

  3. V for Vendetta?

  4. STUFF! (Sorry, I’ll stop now Frank)

  5. VAGINA!

  6. Vault 1? A new fallout thing from Bethesda?

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