Mojang Details The Upgrade Path For Minecraft PS4 & Xbox One

Mojang has released some new details regarding future plans for Minecraft on consoles, including how to upgrade between the last gen and current gen as well as the release periods. First off from August the Minecraft PS3+Vita Edition will be available to download which will give you both games, and is priced at $19.99.  Those of you who already downloaded the PS3 version will get the Vita version when the time comes. If you’ve bought the physical release then you’ll have to wait as Mojang figure out a way to allow the same cross-buy promotion. There will also be cross-saves in these versions, all DLC will be compatible and the Vita version will have online play.

The PS4 version will also be released through PSN in August priced at $19.99. If you buy the the PS3 digital version then you’ll be able to upgrade to the PS4 version of Minecraft for $4.99. Again Mojang are trying to figure out a way to bring the same deal to those who bought the physical PS3 release. You’ll also be able to transfer saves from the PS3/Vita versions to the PS4 one but not vice versa due to the bigger worlds present in the new gen release. Cross platform play is a no go either between the last gen and current gen, and not all DLC will be compatible with the PS4 copy.


On the Microsoft side of things the deals are similar in that owners of the Xbox 360 edition will be able to upgrade to the Xbox One version, which also releases in August, for $4.99, and this applies for both digital and physical releases. However you’ll have to had been online with the disc copy. Again you can transfer Xbox 360 saves to the Xbox One but not vice versa, and cross platform play will not be possible. Same issue with the DLC as with the PS4 version in that not all will be compatible.

Source: Mojang via tip from Richard Spenceley



  1. I’ll be upgrading. Mainly to keep my lad quiet.

  2. Great stuff, only wished that Sony extended the early adopter upgrade deal for other cross platform titles.

  3. Been holding off getting PS3 version for Vita version for my son. Looks like I don’t have to.

    • Same here.
      May well still hold off though or I’ll probably never get use of my tv again.

  4. And there goes any hope of me ever quitting Minecraft. :)
    Great deal, and i find it interesting how it the XB1 disc upgrade path seems easier to manage than the PS4 disc upgrade.

    • Aye, no doubt due to some data log on Xbox Live which allows verification of ownership. It seems puzzling that the developers never implemented anything on the PS3 disc version, like a disc rewards program that recent PS3 cross buy titles have had. What with the PS3 retail release happening just last week as well.

      • Yeah, you’d think it would just be something simple like accessing the PS3 save game for verification.

  5. Yay, that’s my tip!

  6. Buying the upgrade.

    The amount of times I’ve paid for this game is ridiculous!
    PC/Mac twice, iPhone, iPad, PS3

    • Well, to be fair, iPhone/iPad counts as one. :)

      • Ah good point! Forgot it was a cross buy.

    • When I originally bought the game in 2009 for pc I seem to remember it saying for that price you get ALL future versions of the game, and that text rather dubiously disappeared later in the game’s development.

      Provided you bought the game when the website said that you could take it to court, and I’m pretty sure that in European guidelines it says that in the case of a marketing statement being vague the judge should favour the interpretation of the customer. (In case Mojang decide by “ALL future versions” they only meant “ALL future PC versions”) If you reckon it’s worth the legal costs you could do it, and maybe even claim the costs back from mojang

      • I never knew that.

        I think I’ll just pay the fiver though eh?

  7. I’ll be upgrading to PS4. Not had a chance to play the PS3 version much because my son is always hogging it.

  8. sweet, free Vita version.

    saves me buying a fourth version.
    though there’s still the PS4 version.
    at least, i’ll be able to get that one cheaper.

  9. I think I’m going to buy Ps3 version digitally because of this.

  10. Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho creepers here we go, with a bucket and spade and a sword I made Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho……

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