North American Plus Subscribers Will Get Free Trial Access To Battlefield 4 PS3

DICE has just announced that PS Plus members who reside in North America will be able to play Battlefield 4 for free. This trial will be limited to the PS3 version and will only be accessible for 20 hours, giving players the chance to play through the campaign and also check out multiplayer. To gain access to the trial you just have to go to the PS Store, search Battlefield 4 and download it. It won’t go live until tomorrow, May 27th, though.


When it launched Battlefield 4 had a myriad of problems with many complaints about the multiplayer being broken, but DICE has spent quite a lot of time fixing the issues. It’s a bit of a surprise a trial is coming quite a while after release, and it could be an attempt to bring more interest to the series in time for E3 where we could see a new Battlefied, hopefully Bad Company 3. That last bit is speculation though, as this trial could also just be DICE showing people that Battlefield 4 is getting fixed up.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Trying to show that’s its now less buggy than it was maybe? Some might have ruled out getting it due to earlier problems. A nice offer either way.

  2. Battlefield 4 runs a hell of a lot better now i ain’t seen any of the horrid rubber banding in a while.

    • I keep seeing the term ‘Rubber Banding’ with regard to FPS, but I have to say that I don’t really get that reference – In driving games ‘Rubber Banding’ refers to a driver that is behind being able to inexplicably overtake someone in first by nothing other than driving the track (i.e. not even particularly well), so are you saying that in BF4 you are somehow drawn closer to other players, as if by magic (& overtake them)??

      • Close, in BF the rubber banding was more like 2 steps forward 1 step back. Literally as if someone has tied a rubber band to you and a fixed post, you’d run so far then end up back at the post once the server had worked it magic.
        No more rubber banding but the bloody reset bug is still there. Yes I know the different firing modes and how to use the gadgets!
        I have noticed a new commander bug where you don’t get the ribbons pop up on screen. You earn them but you won’t know you have till you check battlelog. Also if you get this bug you won’t see your final score and you’ll end up on the black screen loop for the next round meaning a close application and reboot.

      • Ah, I see – That makes sense when explained like that. I have had that a few times myself in a couple of shooters, but just put it down to server stutters or whatever (which in effect I guess it is).

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