Battlefield Hardline Confirmed For Launch This Autumn, Full Reveal At E3


After yesterday’s leak EA have confirmed that Battlefield Hardline is a thing and a full reveal will occur on June 9th during their E3 presentation.


“On behalf of everyone at EA and Visceral Games, I’m fired up to confirm our next project – Battlefield Hardline,” said Visceral Games General Manager Steve Papoutsis. “The game launches this fall and it’s a brand new series in the Battlefield franchise, set against the backdrop of a genre we all love – the war on crime and the battle between cops and criminals.”

Papoutsis also hinted the game will have a single player camplaign, so it is likely to be a full price release rather free-to-play title.

“We’ve been reading all of your comments and we’re excited to be going into more detail soon on the ways we’re adding new twists and turns to the foundation of Battlefield multiplayer,” he said.”And more about how we’re bringing our strengths at Visceral to single player.”

Source: EA



  1. Must congratulate tuffcub on the sub headline, love me a bit of krs one.
    I can see this just being like any other battlefield except you’re in police uniform or comedy robber stripes and mask, sounds like a dreadful idea to me but we’ll see I guess.

    • I imagine multiplayer will take the form of Payday-like missions, with cops v robbers, which is no bad thing to my mind, there’s always room for progressive objective multiplayer games to my mind in addition to the standard FPS fare.

      That being said, I also imagine the single player might not veer too far from these sorts of missions either, perhaps even being identical, just with AI.

      • GTAV-style heist & getaway missions?

  2. Don’t care for shooters, but just thought you should get complimented by the nice sub headline :)

  3. Visceral?

    Hope they get chance to step away from making a Battlefield game alternate years to revisit Dantes Inferno, a lot of promise in the first that was hindered by Xbox 360’s 6.3GB disc capacity that saw the final 3rd of the game extremely stripped down in comparison to the earlier parts.

  4. Won’t touch it with a barge poll after there last mess still can’t even play the game now multi-player buggy as hell.

    sorry EA but I have lost complete confidence in you and will never buy another battle field product again.

    • Bf3 constant problems, Bf4 can be a total mess… Even back to Bf1943 which was fatally broken voice comms on PS3 (360 was fine) and remained unpatched – Wouldn’t give a DICE a penny for a game.

      A different dev however?

      • I would agree but it does appear to be the publisher (EA)that pushes for release of unfinished work since when did day one patches become the norm.
        I will however reserve until reviews, on this occasion

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