Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Shows Cops Vs. Criminals

Battlefield Hardline, which leaked yesterday and then was revealed fully earlier today, was supposed to get a full showing at E3. But now a seven minute gameplay video has landed on the internet, which acts as an overview of many of the modes and gameplay elements.

You’ll notice, for example, that the online multiplayer is notably cops vs. criminals, which should be an interesting dynamic, and also brings in Heists similar to those found in the Payday games.


There’s also Rescue mode, where you’ll be saving citizens from a robbery, or Hotwire, which is focused on vehicular action, with cop players chasing players over large environments.

It then goes into the single player, which promises a different experience from the usual Battlefield titles. It’s nice to see a genuine step in a different direction, particularly when Battlefield is soon becoming a yearly franchise to compete with Call of Duty.

It appears as though this is a leaked video, used internally by EA, but then again it could be an intentional leak to get the hype going before E3. Even then, it’s quite in-depth, and seems like an over share of info so soon after the initial leak. We’ll see if the video gets taken down later on.

UPDATE: Looks like the video has been removed. Boo!

Source: YouTube



  1. Aw the video don’t work

    • I think the internet is broken. I’ll get someone from IT to put the internet on to a floppy disk. [joke]

  2. Watching the trailer I must say I am impressed and if my PC can play it without frame drops I will buy this. It has a lot of things in it, blending CS, MGS and Battlefield.​

  3. As a player of Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 it was immediately apparent that the core concept of the game was incredibly sound and refreshing. With that in mind, I mentioned to friends that a big publisher will one day do their own version of it. It makes perfect business sense and I think Hardline could well be it.

    My exact same reasoning applies to DayZ, State of Decay, etc. We’re seeing these little Greenlit games on Steam (i.e. Rust, etc) where survival, open-world zombie-type infestation gameplay is incredibly satisfying as a concept but needs decent investment to be able to flesh out the world properly for gamers to really appreciate. State of Decay was single player but it’s one of the most obvious “this needs to be co-op/multiplayer” titles that’s ever existed. Thankfully, Microsoft has taken Undead Labs on board so at least the X1 and PCs will see what they’re capable of.

    Bring on E3. :-)

  4. Looks quite good, but wouldn’t have called it a Battlefield game. Not really a direct competitor to CoD now either, but fair play for trying something different. Did they ever fix Battlefield 4 btw?

    • I’ve played BF4 a couple of times this past week and it does appear much improved! Need to spend some real time on it to see if they really have fixed all the issues or not though…

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