Geoff Keighley Hosting PlayStation E3 Experience, Broadcast Live In US Cinemas

Jack Tretton had always been a big part of Sony’s previous E3 conferences, but after his departure earlier this year, we were left wondering who would be hosting the show, and how they’d ever match Jack’s winning smile and friendly manners.

And it looks like we’re getting Geoff Keighley. Or, at least he’ll be heavily involved in proceedings. He doesn’t quite have the charisma of Uncle Jack, does he? In fact, even other Sony spokespeople such as Mark Cerny or Shuhei Yoshida would perhaps be more suitable for the press conference, though we can assume they’ll play a part too.


But, here’s the big bit: if you’re in the US or Canada, you’ll be able to watch the show in movie theatres, and there will be 30 minutes of extra content for cinemagoers. You can register here, and tickets are free, there are over 40 cinemas to choose from, which seems quite plentiful.

Still, this is quite a big deal, and shows that E3 is becoming even more consumer-facing – it’s previously always been people from the publishers themselves talking about things, aside from Ubisoft who bring in Aisha Tyler year-on-year to host their show, and has only ever been online rather than in cinemas or such.

E3 is just a couple of weeks away now – Sony’s conference is in twelve days (that’s June 9th at 6PM PT, or 2AM BST) – and we’ll be there to let you know all about the latest games and any other exciting things going on, while our UK team lose sleep by covering the conferences from morning until night, delivering news as it happens.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Watching it in the cinema with others sounds like a good buzz, smart move.
    I’m not keen on Geoff Keighley but what about the new Sony guy, perhaps he will surprise us by making us remember his name! ;-)

  2. Shame it’s not being shown in cinemas here, they’ll be empty by 2am.

  3. Why Geoff over someone from Sony? kinda disappoints me and to be honest I’m not really a fan of him. I guess I should expect Jim Sterling to host a freakin Press conference then.

  4. Just pay Tretton to turn up for two hours a year!

    Nobody actually likes Keighley. He always comes off as too smug

  5. Better him than Mark Cerny, there’s something of the child catcher about Cerny, but why not Yoshida? After Tretten he is easily the most loveable PS chap.

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