PlayStation Plus June Line Up Confirmed In Full

Hot on the heels of the little leak that sprung from the SEN store the other day, revealing some of the games to feature in the upcoming PlayStation Plus update, we have the full details of the June update to your Instant Game Collection.

The first thing to note is that, as of June, each platform will receive two new games. Previously, the PlayStation 4’s limited library had meant that we only saw one game at a time, but it seems that Sony are confident enough to be able to push out two every month. Having said that, there might be some disappointment at this month’s selections.


The PS4 is to get Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, a collection of the two Pixeljunk Shooter games from PS3, alongside Trine 2: The Complete Story, which also brought a well received PS3 game – previously on PS+ in March 2012 – to the new hardware but seems to have brought some ridiculously pretty graphical upgrades with it.

On PS3, we see NBA 2K14 dunking the popular basketball series onto your hard drive – though some of you may have grabbed NBA 2K13 which was mistakenly made available outside of UAE last July – alongside the pixelated survival horror game Lone Survivor, which I bought in a sale just last month!

Lone Survivor is actually a Cross-Buy game, meaning that the PS Vita effectively has three games coming this month, with 2D action RPG Dragon’s Crown and Futurlab’s former PS Mobile puzzler, Surge Deluxe.

With more games than ever, what do you reckon to this latest selection of titles?

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Two co-op games for PS4 in one month!?? Yes!! 6 games a month is sweet, I like it.

  2. Pixeljunk and Surge for me, I already own the rest (some of them on both PS3 and PS4!).

    I think the best of the bunch is either NBA (I don’t follow basketball, but this is brilliant fun with friends, looks great and goes far beyond other sports games in building a story mode) or Trine 2, another stunning game which supports local multiplayer. It outputs in stereoscopic 3D too if you have a 3DTV, and looks unbelievably good while doing so.

    Dragon’s Crown is fun although some of the design choices regarding the characters might get you some funny looks on the train. :P

    Lone Survivor was a good experience on the Vita too, especially when wearing headphones.

    A very good selection to be had here if you’re willing to try and explore it.

  3. Shame I don’t want basketball.

    I wonder if Trine 2 on Ps4 will be as easy plat as Ps3 is. I couldn’t believe you didn’t even have to finish the game.

    Also I’m not a fan of Pixeljunk but don’t mind trying shooter, even better crossbuy.

    I’ll give Dragons crown a shot too.

    • Trine 2 on the PS4 has 51 trophies compared to the 13 on the PS3 version. Looks a lot more challenging. Although, getting out of bed in the morning would be more challenging, so it’s not saying much.

      • No not 51 trophies. Although the game is good the soundtrack annoyed me a bit, the wife wanted to smash my Ps3 because of it.

      • Yes 51 trophies. Don’t worry, you only have to earn 50 of them. That last one is a bonus for doing the others ;)

      • Haha yes. They don’t look that tough after viewing them. So this wool probably a 10 hour plat instead of 6 hours-ish.

  4. Trine 2 hell yes.

  5. nice. ^_^
    Dragon’s Crown and Lone Survivor, looking forward to those.

    shame DC’s not cross buy, but i’ll settle for the Vita version.

  6. Best whinge on the PS Blog ever. We had football in April, and basketball in June, so some muppet has decided to have a whinge about getting sports games 2 months in a row, if you ignore May. That’s one step away from complaining that we get sports games every month if you ignore the months we don’t.

    Oh, and nobody download Surge Deluxe. It’s far too addictive. (Actually, do download it. It’s very good. Stupidly simple, until you reach that point where you want to get a better score. Then you discover you’re learning how to play it properly and you can keep getting better at it. And you’ll keep trying. For hours).

    • Some uproar about the fact that there are now no yearly updates as well. As far as I’m concerned, the service is changing and for the time being I’m OK with it. If that changes and I don’t like it, I’ll just opt out.

      • There’s 4.5 yearly games. 2 for the Vita, 2 for the PS3 plus half of Uncharted 3 (the single player part).

        We’ve already gone from 3 to 2 games for the PS3, but gained a PS4 game, and now 2 PS4 games.

        So by my calculations, we’ve gone from 64.5 games a year to 72 games a year. That’s 12% more games. Or we’ve gone from 62p a game to 56p a game (assuming you buy a 12 month PS+ subscription).

        What do these people want? The moon on a stick? Would that make them happy?

      • Well said, the temper tantrums on the blog over this amaze me, good to see you lot see it’s still a brilliant deal.

      • @MrYD Those calculations are from a point of view. From a different point of view that rise in games is due to PS4 games, and the previous count of 27 PS3 games per year has now dropped to 24 PS3 games per year. The 24 PS3 games are vulnerable to more indie games, which from a certain perspective makes the collection even weaker.

        Not really moaning about this, just pointing out that there are some changes for people who use the service for PS3. The service as a whole has taken a nice change for the future of PS4/Vita.

        One thing that hasn’t been mentioned on the blog is the overall limits. i.e. it was a four game limit usually for Vita, so will that change if games are around for longer and there are 2 more every month. If so, much better for newcomers.

      • Two PS4 games a month works better for me than the yearly games actually. The PS4 line up will simply get better from now on, not that I thought the previous games weren’t good enough. I think it’s another great month for Plus. NBA2K14 is great fun on the PS4 and I think the PS3 version has a few extras like training camps. 2K’s servers and the game’s UI suck, but hey. I was amazed by Trine 2’s 3D on the demo, and couch co-op is a godsend for gamer couples. Same goes for Pixeljunk. And a hell yes to Surge Deluxe, I do have a thing for puzzlers so this should scratch an itch.

  7. Was hoping Trine 2 would be free anyway, as I own the PS3 version, but not that fussed.

  8. Quite a pleasant selection this month. Zero for me to download on the PS3, but a whopping four games (Pixel Junk and Lone Survivor are confirmed cross buy) for the Vita is a lovely bonus.

  9. Well, that moves the two Pixeljunk games from the backlog on my PS3 to the PS4, and I am looking forward to Trine.

  10. I replayed the two PJ shooter games on PS3 recently but i’m still looking forward to the Ultimate edition for PS4. Also got Trine 2 day one but it will be handy having more potential co-op partners around.

    • Another massive plus for the service, games with multiplayer can refresh the online community and enhance the experience for early adopters.

      Also quite happy to get downloadable PSN games on PS4, can’t see devs happy if they started giving out retail games this early.

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