Mario Kart 8 Sells 1.2 Million Copies In Its First Weekend

For any of you who doubted the power of Mario Kart, Nintendo have announced that the game has sold a staggering 1.2 million copies in its first weekend of release, from its initial release on Thursday in Japan, through Friday where it released worldwide, until Sunday.

That works out to around 1/5th of Wii U systems sold when last reported, though obviously the game will have boosted sales that bit more, with UK sales of Nintendo’s console increasing by 666% percent this week compared to last, as we reported earlier today alongside the UK charts.


It still only made it to number 2 in those charts, behind Watch Dogs which was in first place, suggesting that it hasn’t done as well in the UK, or that Watch Dogs has sold even more.

Coming weeks will tell us whether Mario Kart 8 has boosted the sales of the Wii U enough or not, but 1.2 million sales seems like a massive head start for the game – it will be interesting to see whether they can keep that position or if someone throws a figurative blue shell in the works soon.

Source: Press release



  1. Impressive *in original goblins voice*

  2. Bet it’s down to about no10 next week.

    • Have you been headhunted by Nintendo’s PR department?

      If not, you definitely should have been.

  3. Well, Wii U owners have got nothing else to buy…

  4. It’s a spectacular game, so definitely deserving of high salesnumbers. Now Nintendo just needs to announce a proper battlemode at E3…

  5. A good, if temporary boost to Wii U sales. Mario Kart isn’t for me but screenshots look very nice indeed so well done.

  6. To be fair we played it at my mates other night n had a right time on it

  7. Glad to see Nintendo at the centre of a good news story for once.

  8. Impressive figures indeed, not that I expected anything less. Mario Kart is awesome and will always be my go-to series for local multiplayer :)

  9. Fingers crossed this kickstarts a bit of a Wii-U revival

  10. Great game.

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