Without Memory Announced, PlayStation 4 Exclusive

Dinosaurum Games, a new studio founded in the autumn of 2013 in Moscow, have announced their first title and it is going to be PlayStation 4 exclusive. 

Details for the game, Without Memory, are scarce but it looks to be something along the lines of Heavy Rain. The team have been in touch with Quantic Dream head honcho, Guillaume de Fondaumière, and he has given the script his approval.


“The project is very interesting, but needs constant development and refinement of ideas. Well done and success in creating!” said Guillaume, in French which was then translated in to Russian and then in to English via Google, hence the wonky syntax. 


The team have become registered developers of PS4 with Sony, “Sony has already appreciated the script Without Memory,” explains a blog post, and expect to post a teaser and screenshots for the game this summer.  The full game will take a little longer and won’t be on the shelves until 2016.

Source: Dinosaurum.com


  1. 2016!? Wowsers, seems to be some sort of competition to announce games further and further ahead of release. No doubt it will be delayed as well, so best make that 2017, eh? ;o)

  2. We’ll all have forgotten about it by then..

  3. Wonky Syntax sounds like a 70s glam rock band.

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