Alleged Battlefield Hardline Beta Footage Leaks

Battlefield Hardline is an upcoming cop-themed entry into the series from Visceral games, who you may know better as the developers of Dead Space. It was confirmed to exist last week, and now a beta appears to be in the wild.

The video below shows a good ten minutes of gameplay (skip to 3:50, that’s when it starts), but bear in mind that it could just be someone with a lot of time on their hands and some video trickery skills.


It’s odd to see a beta so soon, but it suggests that it’s on the way to a public test. With E3 next week, and Sony’s press conference being broadcast live in movie theatres in the US, it appears attendees of the showings will receive a code for the beta, according to a poster on NeoGAF who received an early email.

And that also implies that the game will be making an appearance at Sony’s conference, perhaps with some exclusive PlayStation content on the way.

Expect the beta footage to be removed from the internet soon, so watch it while you still can!



  1. Meh. Doesn’t look great. More like a mod/DLC for BF4. Still, I’m just really annoyed they went yearly. EA ruining another good series.

  2. Big petrol tanker next to damaged pillar support. Probs just leave it.

  3. Looks like the video has been pulled already.

  4. If it is true about the ps4 beta, and add that to the trailer being leaked ps4 footage, does that mean EA’s ‘strategic partnership’ with MS is over?

  5. Jackfrags was tweeting about it earlier. A bunch of BF youtubers have been over to Visceral to play the game and give feedback about the multiplayer. The game is at a stage where the feedback can be implemented.

    Visceral want this to be a really good battlefield game so are trying to get it right first time.

    Apparently they also developed the End Game DLC for BF3, which IMO was the best one apart from Karkand.

    The footage from the playtest was recorded so expect to see it after the announcement on June 9th.

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