Battlefield Hardline Trailer Leaks & Rats Out The Release Date As October 21st

The Battlefield Hardline trailer has escaped into the wild ahead of E3 next week, showing off glimpses of the city where the action will take place as well as characters, and little snippets of gameplay. A release date of October 21st is also shown off at the end.  It’s a rather large shift in focus for the Battlefield series, moving from the conflicts of soldiers to the war on the streets. Information from the previous leak points towards Visceral taking a leaf out Overkill’s Payday book, with bank robberies being the focus of the game.


No doubt Hardline will be a major focal point of EA’s E3 conference, and there will probably be a gameplay demonstration likely to focus on the multiplayer. I expect the concept of levolution to make its return. Moving the gameplay from essentially civilian free areas of the warzones to the middle of a large city.

Source: IGN



  1. looks like its trying to be COD with over the top action Hollywood style explosions etc..
    hope it doesn’t stray to far from the battlefield stable,trying to take on cod’s single player would be gaming suicide..

  2. As expected it looks exactly the same as any other battlefield game but in different clothes. I bet it also comes with exactly the same bugs and problems as all other battlefield games too!
    Having said all that when they work properly they are good.

  3. I’m looking forward to restarting the single player campaign multiple times.

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