Battlefield: Hardline Gameplay Shown Off, PS4 & PC Closed Beta Live Now

EA has shown off the first proper gameplay look at Battlefield Hardline, showing things from robbers breaking into an armoured van for loot, while the police try to stop them up to helicopter chases and giant cranes falling and destroying buildings, which no doubt caused some number of civilian casualties.


Hardline does have that distinct Battlefield look about it, with the vehicle handling appearing to be rather good, and there was also ziplines to get across buildings. The gunplay, the main focus of any shooter, looked heavy and appeared to be rather well implemented. Whether Hardline actually has a smooth launch and not a problem riddled one like Battlefield 4 remains to be seen.

There was also news that a closed beta is now live on PS4 and PC, though it wasn’t clear if this was US only or global. You have to own a copy of Battlefield 4 to gain access to the beta.The game will also run at 1080p at 60fps. At the minute it appears PSN has crashed, at least according to Tuffcub who is trying to access the beta as I type this.

UPDATE:  Hello, Tuffcub here. The Origin servers are taking a real beating, as is the PSN, so getting hold of the beta is tad difficult but I have finally managed to get it downloading.

The problem is that the PSN is getting so battered that the extra information bars under the Battlefield 4 icon on the PS4 menu bar are not updating, but after shutting down and the restarting my PS4 after 20 or so times I finally managed to get the links up. Amusingly there is a day one patch of about 90mb whilst the beta itself clocks in at 6gb.

If you do not have Battlefield 4 on PS4 you can sign up for beta using this link, the web server is very slow but you will get through eventually. Good luck!

UPDATE 2: I’m doing a live broadcast if you want to take a look at the game in motion, click here!



  1. downloading now, 14 minutes to go.

  2. Also dowloading, but speeds are all of the place. Had 5 minutes to go at one point, now it’s at 10 hours :) The joys of fibre optic.

  3. No idea where to find it.

    I’ve got through the website for a PS4 and PC code but again, no idea if there’s any success.

    • You can download it straight from the PS4. When you hover over BF4, in the “Overview” section, it’ll say press X to download.

      • Cheers, I just saw Tuffcub’s update too. No luck getting the links to update either, will keep trying for a little bit.

  4. We’ve got a pre-order option in the Saudi Arabian PSN Store :)

  5. It’s sitting in my Origin account for PC, so might try to find time tomorrow to download and play it.

    It’s good to see them carrying out the beta 4 months before release – hopefully DICE can ensure that come release the game actually works.

    • i would be more leaning towards Visceral ensuring the game actually works.

  6. I’m playing it right now on PS4. Game is very buggy and the frame rate is awful at times. Expected for a beta though!

    • Add to that Dragon Age: Inquisition for PS3 and UFC for PS4.

  7. I’ve gotta say this looks good. Warzone’s are a bit oppressive for me I think. I recon I’ll like this cops and robbers thing. Downloading anyway on Ps4.

  8. After many attempts straight after it was announced, I’ve finally got it downloading. 13.8% codes remaining when I tried a few minutes ago. Going fast. Just shows how big E3 is nowadays.

    MS and EA conferences have been very good this year. Hope Sony pull it out of the bag later tonight. It better be worth the wait.

  9. Sweet. Now downloading.

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