Crackdown Bringing Back The Chaos To Xbox One

It has been four years since the release of Crackdown 2, and now Crackdown is due for a reboot. Crackdown is a third-person, sandbox shooter game where the player makes use of their enhanced fighting and athletic abilities to take down criminal organisations.

The new Crackdown looks to be set in a neon-filled future that is just as ridiculous and explosion filled as we would expect from a new installation in the franchise, and there will also be multiplayer so friends can cause havoc together.



  1. This must be connected to that cloud-computing-destructive-environments tech demo they showed off a while back. The destruction in the trailer certainly looks epic, just remains to see exactly how network-dependant that network-dependant feature will need to be.
    Also perhaps i need to see a higher quality video but does it have a slight cell-shaded look?

    • if you can destroy buildings, the city will be flat after many play sessions. ^_^

      • Ha ha yes, that crossed my mind too. My guess is it’s probably only for online versus games and the environment resets for each new match.

  2. Looks a long way off, maybe not even next year.

  3. Crackdown = ace.
    Crackdown 2 = pants.
    Crackdown 3 = ?
    Kills for skills Agent. Kills for skills.

    • Can confirm ico’s review of Crackdown thus far.

      • Always nice to get recognition for quality gaming journalism and reviews! Many thanks ;)

  4. i wonder how many innocents they would have killed by blowing up all those buildings, just to get that one guy, they probably killed more people than he did. ^_^

    anyway, still no female agents. >_<

  5. Now that’s what i call overkill. Be a good subtitle that, Crackdown 3: Overkill.
    Still waiting to hear about Just Cause 3 as feel that’ll be my go to sandbox of carnage for this gen.

  6. I found the crackdown games to be really dull

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